Microsoft to Support COM+ in Visual Studio

DENVER, Oct. 12, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today demonstrated for the first time in public support for COM+ in the Visual Studio® development system. Using the Microsoft® Visual C++® development system, Microsoft showed how developers will be able to easily create COM+ objects with a new technology called Attributes. Attributes complement and unify the C++ and COM+ programming models, enabling developers to request specific component services such as Transactions, Queuing, Remoting and Security in a straightforward and declarative fashion. Attributes are expressed using seamless source code annotations to supply necessary infrastructure code for developers creating COM+ components – making it easier than ever before to develop, manage and deploy component-based applications. Attendees at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) will get a first look at Attributes in the Visual C++ Technology Preview, which offers new development functionality that enables developers to take advantage of the latest Microsoft platforms and technologies.

“COM+ development will be significantly easier through the innovations of the Visual C++ team,”
said Paul Gross, vice president of the developer tools division at Microsoft.
“Attributes will allow developers to be extremely productive in creating the highest-performance Windows® DNA applications.”

Support for Windows DNA in Visual Studio

The Technology Preview illustrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing leading-edge technology in Visual Studio for development on the Windows NT® operating system 5.0. With Visual C++ 6.0 and the Technology Preview, developers who attend the PDC or the next Visual C++ Developers Conference (VCDC) can begin to develop COM+ components.

Availability and Additional Information

The Technology Preview is an early look at new functionality in the next version of Visual Studio and enables developers using Visual C++ to begin learning about these new technologies today. The Visual C++ Technology Preview is available to all PDC attendees. In addition, developers who attend VCDC Nov. 2-4 in Palm Springs, Calif., will also receive the Visual C++ Technology Preview. For information on the conference, please visit .

About Visual Studio

The Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 development system is a comprehensive suite of industry-leading development tools for building business applications for the Windows NT Server operating system, including client/server, multitier and Web-based solutions. Visual Studio 6.0 includes key enterprise and team development features designed to help developers rapidly build scalable distributed applications that can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems and applications. More information on Visual Studio 6.0 is available at .

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