Internet Explorer 5 Customers Will Benefit from Enhanced, Flexible Browsing Experience

REDMOND, Wash., November 4, 1998 — Microsoft this week announced the availability of its Internet Explorer 5 Beta, which builds on the award-winning innovations in versions 3.0 and 4.0, such as componentization and integration of the Web and the PC. Internet Explorer 5 also brings Microsoft IntelliSense technology to the Web. IntelliSense is a collection of Microsoft technologies designed to simplify complex tasks and automate routine browsing functions, saving PC users valuable time when they surf the Web.

“Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 will deliver a breakthrough in ease of use for anyone who surfs the Web,” said Yusuf Mehdi, director of Windows marketing. “By using Microsoft IntelliSense technology to dramatically simplify and automate common Web tasks, from detecting network status to simplifying basic navigation, Internet Explorer 5 will allow users to reap the full benefits of the Web.”

IntelliSense, a Microsoft technology first introduced in Office, has been incorporated into Internet Explorer 5 to provide simplicity, automation, and flexibility throughout the browsing experience, so PC users can spend less time trying to access information and more time being productive on the Web. The built-in intelligence in Internet Explorer 5 automates complex browsing tasks for users by eliminating unnecessary clicks and keystrokes. For example, AutoComplete, first introduced in Internet Explorer 4.0, has been enhanced to save users time when filling out Web-based forms.

In addition, Internet Explorer 5 provides customers with greater flexibility by enabling them to access information from anywhere, integrate the portals and applications they want, and install the software components of their choice. For instance, with Windows Synchronization Manager, users can easily synchronize Web pages for offline use, as well as information from applications such as e-mail.

Internet Explorer 5 also extends Microsoft’s commitment to providing Web developers and corporate administrators with a premier development platform as well as reduced cost of ownership. Through leading support for open Internet standards and upcoming standards such as Dynamic HTML Behaviors, Internet Explorer 5 improves the ease and speed with which developers can create powerful Web-based applications and content. Internet Explorer 5 also brings the benefits of componentization to the Web with the Web OLE Control, a protocol for application-to-application communications.

In addition to achieving greater productivity with Internet Explorer 5, corporations will enjoy reduced cost of ownership thanks to tools such as the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5 (IEAK 5), which makes it easy for corporate users, Internet service providers and content providers to customize and deploy Internet Explorer. The IEAK 5 also provides cross-platform compatibility, enabling customers simultaneously to evaluate and deploy Internet Explorer 5 when the final product is launched.

Microsoft also announced that top content providers and portal sites spanning the business and consumer markets are building innovative extensions to the Internet Explorer 5 interface. Many top vendors including Alexa Internet, Bloomberg Financial Markets, Microsoft Network (MSN) and the New York Times have already begun building “Internet Explorer Web Accessories” for Internet Explorer 5 that will provide their customers with unique extensions to the browser interface. For example, Bloomberg has built an Explorer Bar that will provide customers with up-to-the-minute stock quotes and financial news.

“For users interested in financial news, easy access to real-time information is key,” said Jonathan Fram, general manager of the New Media Group at Bloomberg Financial Markets. “Through the open architecture of Internet Explorer, we were able to easily create a customized Bloomberg Explorer Bar that provides users faster access to important news no matter where they are on the Web.”

In addition to providing extensible Explorer Bars, the Internet Explorer 5 platform offers content providers and portal sites a variety of opportunities to enhance their Web site and services for customers. These features include one-click home page customization, search bar integration, easy choice of Web-based e-mail integration, and toolbar customization.

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