SQL Server 7.0 Delivers All-In-One-Box Support for Database Applications at One Low Price

, November 9, 1998 — Databases used across the enterprise for line of business, business intelligence, commerce and mobile computing applications have become incredibly complex. But building and maintaining those applications shouldn’t be.

That’s the philosophy behind the pricing and packaging announced this week for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, the latest version of the popular database solution for Windows NT. SQL Server 7.0 brings together a wide range of innovative features at a price that delivers high value for both small businesses and the largest global concerns.

Microsoft announced that SQL Server 7.0 will be available from $1,399 for a five-user system to $28,999 for a 250-user system. Microsoft today also announced a special promotional offer – “$99 for 99 days” – allowing customers using previous versions of SQL Server, as well as users of non-Microsoft relational database products, to upgrade to SQL Server 7.0 Standard Edition for the low cost of $99 per user. This promotion will be available for 99 days following the product’s release later this month.

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 provides new features for building, managing and using important applications for line of business, business intelligence, commerce and mobile computing. Unlike competing products, SQL Server 7.0 provides a range of support for these solutions, eliminating the need for add-on products or additional charges.

Customers are praising the value that SQL Server 7.0 offers. “The common interface and the integration of all the Microsoft products is going to mean a big difference in administration, ease-of-use, and ultimately the total cost of ownership over the long run,” says Dan Van Ostenbridge, vice president of information systems at Comcast. “We expect to stick with SQL Server and know it will scale with our business.”

Microsoft’s family of SQL Server 7.0 database products includes the following:

  • SQL Server 7.0 Desktop Edition- Runs on both Windows 95 and Windows 98 and is designed for desktop and mobile applications. The product comes with SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition, and is not a standalone product. Use of the desktop edition requires a per-seat client access license.

  • SQL Server 7.0- Runs on Windows NT Server and is designed for workgroup and departmental applications. It will be available in the following configurations: five-user system, $1,399; 10-user system, $1,999; 25-user system, $3,999.

  • SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition – Runs Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition and is designed for large departmental and enterprise applications. It will be available for the following prices: 25-user system, $7,999; 50-user system, $10,999; and 250-user system, $28,999.

  • Microsoft SQL Internet Connector – Eliminates the need to count concurrent database connections or users, simplifying the deployment of Web-based solutions. An unlimited-user access license for Internet use, Microsoft SQL Internet Connector, will be available for $2,999 per-processor.

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