Quantex Works with Microsoft to Provide Windows 2000-Ready Desktop Systems

, November 16, 1998 Somerset, NJ — Quantex Microsystems, Inc. today announced it will work with Microsoft Corp. to provide powerful business desktop systems that are Windows 2000 Ready. These systems are optimized to deliver peak Windows performance, reliability and security today, because they come pre-installed with Windows NT Workstation 4.0. All Quantex systems pre-installed with Windows NT Workstation 4.0 meet or exceed all the technical requirements of the Windows 2000 operating system.

We are excited about working with Microsoft to offer an optimal hardware and software solution for today and tomorrow,” said Herman Chan, business product manager at Quantex.”
Investing in our Windows 2000 Ready systems installed with Windows NT Workstation 4.0 today protects your technology investment, by providing the optimal upgrade path to the Windows 2000 operating system and future hardware advances.

Always proactive and forward thinking in seeking to optimize the performance and utility of its systems, Quantex Windows 2000 Ready-based workstations and business desktops incorporate the latest Y2K fixes. They also deliver maximum return on investment (ROI) by virtue of their low total cost of ownership (TCO) today, and their ease of upgrading in the future.
“By purchasing Windows 2000 Ready PCs, businesses can not only take advantage of greater reliability, security and stability today with Windows NT Workstation 4.0, but they can also plan ahead for Windows 2000 Professional in the future,”
said Brad Chase, vice president Windows marketing and developer relations at Microsoft.

The countdown to Windows 2000 has officially begun. More information for business users and managers is available at the official Quantex – Windows 2000 Ready web page at www.quantex.comwin2000 . Visitors to this site can further investigate all the benefits of Windows 2000 Ready technology, and review the complete line of Quantex desktops and workstations that maximize these benefits, and supplement them with features that are uniquely Quantex.

About Quantex

Quantex is a leading global manufacturer of business desktops, workstations, servers, notebooks and home PCs in the direct channel. Quantex has received repeated industry acclaim and dozens of awards for customer satisfaction and technical excellence. Setting the standard for quality and value, Quantex is also recognized for consistently being among the first to bring new technologies to market. ISO 9002 certified manufacturing facilities provide further proof of the Quantex commitment to the highest levels of quality and reliability.

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