Microsoft Money Users Can Get One Free Year of Atrieva Online Backup

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced an offer by Atrieva Corp., a leading provider and developer of online file backup, data storage and access services, to provide Microsoft® Money users with one free* year of the Atrieva Online Backup Service, a $179 value. With the Atrieva Service, Money users can quickly and easily back up and store their Money files and regain access to them over the Internet or from a Web browser using the Atrieva Service.

“We’re pleased to be working together with Microsoft Money to bring this offer to all Money users,”
said Alan Housley, Atrieva vice president, sales and marketing.
“At Atrieva, our specialty is secure information storage, with a guarantee of instantaneous retrieval at any time, from any place. It only takes a short while to readjust your perception of data and view it as something not necessarily attached to a single machine.”

Carolyn Cooney, a management consultant in Chicago, spends days and sometimes weeks away from her home office when she travels for business.
“I keep absolutely everything on my laptop,”
Cooney said.
“While on a recent business trip, I had to reformat my hard drive. It didn’t go well, and I lost everything. I had saved my Money file to a floppy disk, but my disk was at home and was several weeks old. Now, I can automatically back up my Money file with Atrieva any time I’m connected to the Internet, and I know my file is secure. If this ever happens again, I can immediately regain access to my most current financial information no matter where I am.”

“Almost 45 percent of our customers share responsibility for household finances,”
said Julie O’Brien, Microsoft Money product manager.
“With the Atrieva Online Backup Service, two people not only benefit from having a safe and convenient way to back up their Money files, they can also both access the same updated file. One person can update the Money file at home and then back up the information over the Internet to an Atrieva SafeStation server. The second person can download the Money file using the Atrieva Service, Microsoft Money and any Internet-enabled PC or Web browser. This is an example of how we continue to look for ways to offer Money users extra value.”

To take advantage of the Atrieva offer, Money users simply download the software from the Atrieva Service special offer Web site, follow the directions to open a free account, and for the next 12 months receive unlimited automated Money file backups at user-selected intervals. The advantage to Money users is reliable and secure access to backed-up Money files using Money and any Internet-enabled PC, as well as peace of mind regarding the safety, security and reliability of their backed-up Money files.

The free Atrieva Service includes virus scanning with McAfee anti-virus technology, file compression to speed data transfer, 40-bit RC2 encryption providing the highest level international encryption available by law, and storage on RAID 5 redundant disks to eliminate the possibility of file loss or damage. To retrieve Money files, a user can either download and install the Atrieva software on any Internet-enabled PC or, to avoid the download, employ the Atrieva Anywhere service extension to access Money files directly from a Web browser.

Pricing and Availability

The Atrieva special offer of one year of free Atrieva Online Backup Service is available to users of Microsoft Money 95, Money 97, Money 98 and Money 99 who sign up for the service before Jan. 31, 1999. Without this offer, Money customers would be charged $14.99 per month for the Atrieva Service. To sign up for the special Atrieva Service offer, visit the Money Web site at , which provides links to the Atrieva special offer Web site at .

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To back up files other than Money files, the standard Atrieva Service costs $14.99 per month for unlimited file backups and access for up to 1GB of data.

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