Microsoft Grant Helps Prepare D.C. Residents for Thousands of Available Technology Jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 19, 1998 — Microsoft’s Brian Campbell and General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator David Barram Thursday joined the Foundation for Educational Innovation (FEI) in an electronic-ribbon cutting ceremony to open the DC Link and Learn Center in southwest Washington, D.C. The flagship project will connect schools, universities, libraries and communities in under-served areas of D.C. via a network and intranet.

FEI’s “DC Link and Learn” project will not only connect a community via technology, but will also ensure that D.C. residents are prepared for the thousands of available technology jobs in the area. DC Link and Learn will provide information technology training, preparing low-income students and adults in D.C. for these unfilled jobs. In addition, students will be able to conduct interviews with D.C.-based companies at the center to secure employment. When fully operational, the 40,000 square foot center will be able to train an estimated 300 people every 90 minutes.

At a ceremony Thursday in Washington, D.C., Campbell, General Manager of Microsoft’s Mid-Atlantic District, said Microsoft is proud of the role it played as a founding partner of DC Link and Learn. Microsoft’s mid-Atlantic office provided FEI with a Connected Learning Community (CLC) grant of cash and software valued at more than $300,000.

D.C. Mayor-elect Anthony Williams applauded the program’s job-training efforts. “This innovative learning center is a testimony to the power of ideas and partnership,” he said. “When a committed community neighbor like Microsoft teams up with various government agencies and other leaders in education and industry, important projects such as DC Link and Learn become a reality. Because of this learning center, thousands of District residents have access to the computer training necessary to qualify for the technology jobs available in this region.”

Microsoft’s support of DC Link and Learn supplements a broad range of community outreach initiatives in the Washington, D.C. area. DC Link and Learn is another step in the vision of creating a “connected learning community,” in which expanded access to information technologies enhance learning and communication in disadvantaged communities. Microsoft’s Campbell said the electronic-ribbon cutting ceremony, witnessed by area students, is validation of the PC empowerment these programs can bring to Washington, D.C.

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