Microsoft Joins with Leading Hosting Service Providers to Deliver a Complete Electronic Commerce Solution for Businesses

REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 5, 1999 — Businesses are learning that Web sites can provide much more than the online equivalent of the old four-color brochure. Today companies are demanding greater value from their Web sites, and a higher level of service from the “hosting service providers” who deploy and maintain them. The integration of advanced Web applications opens doors to rich new revenue streams, and businesses are queuing up for the opportunity to jump on board.

A great example of the advanced hosting services that are becoming widely available is Microsoft’s new Complete Commerce package. Announced this week, this all-in-one electronic commerce solution was designed to give businesses easy and affordable access to a complete hosting solution that includes consulting, Web development, hosting services, order processing and a defined delivery schedule. The package helps companies get up and running fast with a full-featured electronic commerce solution.

According to David Ostroff, marketing manager for Web and commerce hosting at Microsoft, it makes sense for companies to contract out their Web sites to hosting services providers. For most organizations, it’s simply not feasible to internally maintain a complex and full-featured Web site. By working with a service provider, companies get more dynamic site content, full analysis of site activity and robust electronic commerce capabilities. Companies can even contract out advanced hosting services such as the configuration of Web servers, sophisticated content management, full site control, ongoing site maintenance and the integration of Web sites with their legacy systems, Ostroff said.

Microsoft, working with Compaq Computer Corp. and Intel Corp., will team up with 10 hosting service providers to offer customers its Complete Commerce package.

“Microsoft is pleased to work with 10 premier hosting service providers who are so well positioned to meet the enormous market demand for commerce-based services,” said Thomas Koll, vice president of the Internet Customer Unit at Microsoft. “As single contact points for integrated hardware, software and services, these service providers will combine their unique operation skills with application expertise on the Microsoft Windows NT Server platform to securely manage, monitor, scale and expand their customers’ commerce sites.”

Businesses that contract with hosting service providers for a single-source, high-speed electronic commerce solution can maximize their network resources, reduce costs, generate new sources of revenue and optimize the management of their computing operations, Ostroff said.

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