New MacTopia Web Site Dedicated Exclusively to Serving the Needs of Microsoft’s Macintosh Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5, 1999 — Macintosh customers have found a new online hangout: Microsoft MacTopia , a Web site dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of Microsoft’s Macintosh customers. Launched this week by the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft, Microsoft MacTopia is intended to provide a vibrant, informative and interactive resource for the Macintosh community at large.

MacTopia is also a central showcase of information on Microsoft’s applications for the Macintosh, providing news on more than 25 products including the new releases of Internet Explorer 4.5 and Outlook Express 4.5, both launched at MacWorld Expo this week. Focused on serving the Mac community, Microsoft MacTopia features daily updates of industry and Apple news and compiles the best 250 sites on the Web for Macintosh users.

Mac users also have the ability to interact with the Macintosh community at MacTopia. Individuals can chat with other Macintosh users, participate in product feedback forums, sign up for a quarterly electronic newsletter and interact with key Macintosh industry leaders. Additionally, MacTopia makes it easy to stay abreast of the Microsoft and Apple partnership through an area that chronicles the companies’ many years of collaboration.

“Microsoft MacTopia is an online oasis for our Macintosh customers,” said Ben Waldman, general manager of the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit. “Our goal is to create a vibrant and interactive Web site as creative as the Mac customers we serve.”

A small team of Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit writers, designers, planners and programmers compiled their Web site wish list as they created Microsoft MacTopia. The idea for the site was born out of their frustration with the experience Mac customers encountered when seeking information about Macintosh products on the general Microsoft home page.

“People really had to search to find quality Mac information on Microsoft’s site,” Waldman said. “Through Microsoft MacTopia, we can expand our efforts to provide great resources and support for the Macintosh platform.”

The mission of Microsoft MacTopia is to reach out to the people who love and depend on their Macs. Home Macintosh users will enjoy the free download area with its handy budget manager, easy loading desktop graphics and entertaining sound files. Teachers and students will find useful Macintosh items such as free instruction templates and student report presentation formats in the education area of the site. Business users will find value in the Office Resource Kit, free work-enhancing downloads, case studies on businesses using the Mac, Microsoft software, and links to sites highlighting the Year 2000 issue. Mac experts at MacTopia will offer their knowledge through regular columns about Macintosh products and technologies. In addition to content specifically designed for Macintosh customers, Microsoft MacTopia also features a new state-of-the-art design with innovative graphics and animation.

“Microsoft MacTopia is our thank you to the Macintosh community,” Waldman said. “We thank them for not only using our products, but also for providing us with a constant stream of feedback – both positive and negative – which has enabled Microsoft to deliver products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Macintosh customers. We look forward to continuing to receive that feedback and using it to further our mission of delivering innovative products to our Macintosh customers.”

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