Microsoft Announces Color-Enabled Version Of Windows CE for Palm-Size PCs

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 1, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that the latest version of the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system for the Palm-size PC – the first to enable color in this space – has been shipped to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Palm-size PCs are a class of personal companion devices that automatically synchronize information with a PC, allowing users to keep essential work and personal data with them at all times. Although similar in functionality to Palm-size PC software that is shipping in devices today, the color-enabled release of Windows CE for the Palm-size PC brings an unmatched clarity to device screens, increasing the readability on these compact, portable devices. Microsoft expects new Palm-size PCs from OEMs to be available in stores in the first half of 1999.

With the latest release of the Palm-size PC software, formerly code-named
hardware manufacturer support is growing: New OEMs, including Auctor Corp., Compaq Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Trogon, joined established Palm-size PC vendors such as Casio Computer Company Ltd., Everex Systems Inc., Philips Electronics North America Corp. and Uniden Corp. in announcing support. Microsoft expects more choice for customers as OEMs innovate on the open, flexible Palm-size PC platform and introduce new devices that support color and gray-scale displays.

“Microsoft focused on improving the readability and therefore usefulness of these small-screen devices with the latest release of the Palm-size PC software,”
said Harel Kodesh, vice president of the information appliance group at Microsoft.
“One part of this is color, which is a natural evolution. As timely access to information becomes more and more important, you will continue to see Windows CE innovate and enable solutions that make this possible.”

Platform for Innovation

The new Palm-size PC software is also spurring innovation in the independent software vendor (ISV) space, with companies taking advantage of the robust capabilities and attributes of the platform. Microsoft expects the latest software for the Palm-size PC to spur the next generation of applications for these personal companions, with color, for games and Internet content; audio functionality, for enabling music and audio books on devices; and CompactFlash slots, which provide room for this growth via storage media and expandability for peripherals.

A Complete Package

Today’s Palm-size PCs provide users with instant access to their information, with features that allow them to retrieve, manipulate or create:

  • Pocket Outlook acts as a companion to the Outlook messaging and collaboration client or Schedule+ on the desktop. Applications including Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Inbox are synchronized with the PC, allowing users to keep their most vital personal and work data with them at all times.

  • Note Taker allows users to capture information through handwriting recognition or a soft keyboard, and then synchronizes with Word on the desktop.

  • Voice Recorder lets users record spoken notes as well as play some types of audio files.

  • Mobile Channels let users browse Web content offline.

  • Windows CE Service s 2.2 utilizes ActiveSync
    technology to automatically synchronize information on the desktop and the Palm-size PC.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability of devices running the latest Windows CE for the Palm-size PC software are determined by the OEMs. For more information about Palm-size PCs, visit .

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.


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Microsoft Windows CE for the Palm-Size PC

Quote Sheet

January 1999

“The experience delivered by Microsoft® Windows® CE is a killer audio app. It enables Palm-size PCs to be used as Internet audio players, providing an unparalleled value for today’s mobile work force. We welcome the opportunity to extend the core Windows CE platform with our Internet audio service, making it possible for the 80 million people who commute to work alone to turn their Palm-size PCs into consummate productivity and entertainment tools.”

  • Andy Huffman

President and CEO

Audible Inc.

“The new Cassiopeia E-100 color Palm-size PC device is a natural in the development of the Windows CE-based PC Companion platform for Casio. As a leader in LCD technology, Casio can now offer consumers one of the most advanced active matrix LCD screens, with over 65,000 colors. With the latest release of Windows CE for the Palm-size PC, we have added a new dimension to readability, which will enhance viewing photos, videos and games.”

  • John Clough

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Consumer Products Division

Casio Computer Company Ltd.

“Compaq is pleased to support Microsoft Windows CE for the Palm-size PC as an integral part of our aggressive 1999 mobile companion strategy. We view these ultra-mobile clients as ‘must-have’ extensions to the network and PC. Our goal is to become a leader in handheld products by incorporating innovative features that make them well-suited for business and professional users.”

  • J. Tempesta

Vice President and General Manager Enhancements and Monitors Division

Compaq Computer Corp.

“Everex is pleased to join with Microsoft to offer users the very latest in Palm-size computing. The addition of color displays to the Freestyle line of Palm-size PC companions allows users to more faithfully recreate the Windows desktop experience and better utilize the depth and breadth of Windows CE-based applications.”

  • Michael Hu

Director, Business Development

Everex Systems Inc.

“We thought that, because color is magic, we had to make the very popular StartPack available for the latest version of the Palm-size PC. We’ve upgraded our StartPack to include color support that takes immediate advantage of this rich and powerful platform.”

  • Christian Verdonck

Chief Executive Officer


“The addition of color to the Palm-size PC will significantly expand functionality and use for the mobile professional. We are developing real-time solutions for enterprises and providing unique content on the Palm-size PC through our nationwide wireless data network. Our relationship with Microsoft will ensure the transformation of the Palm-size PC into a high-performance business tool.”

  • Aaron Dobrinsky

President and CEO

GoAmerica Communications Corp.

“The HP Jornada 420 Palm-size PC, the latest addition to the Jornada family, is the first Windows CE-based Palm-size PC with a brilliant color display. HP’s and Microsoft’s expertise and joint commitment to the Windows CE industry have consistently provided professionals with innovative and reliable PC companions that serve as the ultimate solution for their mobile needs.”

  • Dennis Hamann

Worldwide Marketing Manager
Asia Pacific Personal Computer Division

Hewlett-Packard Co.

“We at Ilium Software are very excited about the latest release of Microsoft Windows CE for the Palm-size PC. Color is the next evolutionary step for the Palm-size PC platform and opens the way for greater developer innovation in software design. The combination of Windows CE, the Palm-size device and color will be unbeatable in the personal digital assistant market today.”

  • Ellen Craw

General Manager

Ilium Software

“Microsoft’s introduction of color will create a significant opportunity for, and healthy competition among, developers. We currently are evaluating color enhancements for on-demand Web content and customized health-care applications for the Palm-size PC. Integrating color into these wireless applications will enable mobile users to view personal and business information in more efficient and convenient formats.”

  • Dayakar Puskoor

Chief Executive Officer

JP Systems Inc.

“We are excited by the options that color gives software developers. Color support and reflective device displays for the Palm-size PC make IntelliGolf even easier to use when scoring and charting out on the course.”

-Craig Schmidt


Karrier Communications

“Philips Mobile Computing Group is proud to join forces again with Microsoft in the Palm-size PC arena. By adding a color screen to Nino in the second quarter of this year, we are emphasizing our dedication to the Palm-size PC space, as well as our commitment to individuals on the go who crave the latest technology available.”

  • Robert Brown

Director of Marketing

Mobile Computing Group

Philips Electronics North America Corp.

“This latest release of Windows CE for the Palm-size PC is yet another exciting step in providing the important connection between the Palm-size PC and the enterprise. This platform, together with our award-winning Mail on the Run!, All in Sync!, development toolkit and MobileSuite products are key to full mobility by providing mobile users with seamless remote access to company information.”

  • Dr. Trilok Manocha

President and CEO

River Run Software Group

“The new color functionality of the Palm-size PC is perfect for images. With Image Expert CE running on these new devices, users will not only be able to organize, annotate and communicate digital images, but they will also have a digital photo album small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It has never been easier to share ‘digital memories’ with others.”

  • Barbara Matthews

Vice President of Marketing

Sierra Imaging Inc.

“Spyglass is in strong support of Microsoft’s latest release of Windows CE for the Palm-size PC. Our Device Mosaic browser technology for the Palm-size PC, along with our growing professional services work in this space, keeps translating into significant growth opportunities for Spyglass.”

  • Wayne Yurtin

Director of Business Development

Spyglass Inc.

“Windows CE continues to offer an exciting opportunity for Sybase to extend enterprise information outside the walls of a corporation to anywhere business transactions occur. Sybase’s delivery of SQL Anywhere for the Palm-size PC strengthens our commitment to helping our customers deliver information anywhere.”

  • Terry Stepien

Vice President and General Manager

Mobile and Embedded Computing Division

Sybase Inc.

“Microsoft’s newest release for the Palm-size PC extends the platform’s capabilities to meet the needs of our demanding mobile customers. I continue to be very impressed with the company’s commitment to ensuring that the Palm-size PC is the platform of choice for handheld computers.”

  • Sy Danberg



“TeleType continues to be impressed by Microsoft’s commitment to the Palm-size PC platform.”

-Ed Friedman


TeleType Co.

“Through Trogon’s extensive market research, we have found that color displays are one of the main reasons why people would upgrade their existing organizer or personal digital assistant. We also believe color displays will revolutionize the Palm-size PC market. As one of the fastest-growing mobile computer manufacturers in the United States, we see the importance of keeping current with the latest in Windows CE-based technological developments and are therefore excited about the release of this newest version.”

-Gregory Huh

Director of Marketing

Trogon Computer Corp.

Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

Other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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