New Web Site Provides a Simple Way for Businesses to Connect With Resellers

REDMOND, Wash., February 1, 1999 — When it comes to purchasing software, most small businesses pay too much. Microsoft is hoping to change that with the launch of Microsoft Licensing Online (MLO), a Web site that offers small and mid-sized businesses a way to purchase Microsoft products at volume discounts from participating resellers.

With this new program, businesses with as few as five PCs are eligible to receive Microsoft Open License volume discounts; their up-front volume purchase establishes a discount level that allows them to make subsequent purchases, even of single licenses, at the same volume discount. For example, a business that wants to purchase five licenses for Office 97 Professional would pay $599 Estimated Retail Price (ERP) per license if purchased individually, but only $466 (ERP) if purchased as an Open License, with a savings of approximately 22 percent. For larger orders, the discount would be even greater.

“Many businesses today are not aware that they are eligible to receive volume discounts,” noted Sam Jadallah, vice president of the Organization Customer Unit at Microsoft. “Of the 81,000 U.S. medium-sized businesses, an estimated 69 percent currently are not using Microsoft volume licensing and aren’t aware that they can receive volume purchase discounts.”

Resellers currently participating in the first phase of MLO include License Online, Computer Discount Warehouse and Insight. License Online Software Distribution Inc. offers a unique opportunity for businesses by connecting them with local technology consultants, including Microsoft Certified Solution Providers, who can help them fulfill their license needs and provide additional services and support.

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