MSN Unveils New WomenCentral Web Site

REDMOND, Wash., February 15, 1999 — More than 45 million women are now online, and that number is expected to reach 65 million by 2002, according to a recent study by Jupiter Communications. Microsoft recently took a big step toward providing valuable information and resources especially for women Web users: the new WomenCentral Web site, featured on the Microsoft Network, offers popular features from, a premier site focusing on women’s issues.

“Women today are busier than ever with career, kids, and personal relationships,” said MSN Senior Producer Kirsten Andrews. “So when they go to the Web, their time is really valuable to them. As a result, they’re really focused on getting things done.” By offering a comprehensive package of services, Microsoft hopes that women will consider the site a timesaving, one-stop source for valuable information.”

The WomenCentral site provides information on family, fitness, and health; expert advice for daily living; community-building chat venues; plus exclusive material from MSN’s UnderWire site.

In the future, WomenCentral will add more interactive tools, offer online shopping resources and integrate content from other sites.

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