Microsoft’s Executive Partner Summit: Strengthening Enterprise Partnerships the Old-fashioned Way

Redmond, Wash, February 22, 1999 — Today and tomorrow (February 22-23}, Microsoft will welcome to its Redmond campus more than 200 representatives of the company’s enterprise partners, who will take part in the Microsoft Executive Partner Summit — a high-level event featuring several Microsoft keynote speakers, including Deborah Willingham, Vice President of the Enterprise Customer Unit, and Bob Herbold, executive vice president and chief operating officer. Participants include Arthur Andersen, Andersen Consulting, Cambridge Technology Partners, Compaq, Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group, EDS, Ernst & Young, HP, ICL, INS, KPMG, NCR, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Unisys, USWeb/CKS, Wang Global, ENTEX Information Services, Inacom Information Systems, GE Capital IT Solutions and many others.

“In our ongoing commitment to deliver business value to enterprise customers, we are delighted to see this level of executive participation from all of our leading partners. The Summit is a forum to strategically address evolving business needs and to promote development of enhanced solutions that best serve the enterprise,”
said Deborah Willingham, Vice President of the Enterprise Customer Unit at Microsoft.

Microsoft currently has 14 enterprise alliance partners that, in conjunction with Microsoft, provide consulting and services in a wide range of markets. These go-to-market alliances encompass the realms of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Retail, Electronic Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management and Messaging and many others.

Microsoft’s enterprise partnerships are geared toward serving the complete life cycle of enterprise customers’ information technology (IT) service needs. Not only do Microsoft’s enterprise partners provide integrated line-of-business and packaged client-server applications, their varied go-to-markets target every level of the IT supply chain so customers receive the best services at each level and across all tiers. Comprehensive partner services complement Microsoft’s direct services and allow businesses to enjoy increasingly integrated enterprise management solutions, resulting in simplified and centralized administration and a lower total cost of computing.

The summit will focus on strengthening key partner relations and bring valuable one-on-one interactions between Microsoft and its partners. As part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to its partners, participants will share their visions for the future while discussing opportunities for new and unique ways to serve the enterprise. Organizers anticipate the event will provide a foundation for the future development of offerings best suited to meet the needs of enterprise customers, while also outlining a
“road map”
for Microsoft and its partners into the next millennium.

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