Compaq, CSC, ISVs and Key Customers Highlight Growing Momentum For Microsoft’s Application Server Technologies

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 24, 1999 — Momentum for Microsoft Corp.’s application server technologies continues to grow as several key companies such as Compaq Computer Corp. and 1-800-FLOWERS announce their support for the technologies, which run on the Microsoft® Windows NT® Server operating system.

Compaq, the second-largest computer company in the world and the largest supplier of personal computers, today announced a system of worldwide architecture services labs dedicated to Microsoft’s application server and Windows® Distributed interNet Applications (Windows DNA) technologies.

“Our investment in these centers and labs is in response to the industrywide need for developers who have experience with the Microsoft application server technologies, including COM, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) technology, Internet Information Services (IIS) and Active Server Pages,”
said John Rando, senior vice president and group general manager, Compaq Services.
“Skilled developers in these technologies are in demand, and Compaq is taking the lead in helping these developers create applications with high performance, scalability and high availability.”

Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) also announced today a dedicated practice, with headquarters in Waltham, Mass., that will specialize in the delivery of enterprise scale solutions to its clients using Microsoft’s application server technologies. CSC develops individual business solutions that are delivered by 49,000 employees in more than 700 offices worldwide in areas such as management and information technology consulting, system consulting and integration, operations support, and information services outsourcing.

“Microsoft’s application server technologies provide us the right mix of development tools and distributed run-time capabilities for delivering large-scale business applications,”
said David Krieger, chief architect of technology services at CSC.
“We can deliver our solutions faster by using Windows NT application services and the COM programming model, giving our clients a time-to-market advantage without sacrificing their extensible application architecture.”

Independent software vendors such as ONTOS Inc. and XtremeSoft Inc. have created applications that also take advantage of the rich Microsoft application server technologies provided within Windows NT Server 4.0.

ONTOS develops and markets products and services that allow companies involved in deploying Internet or distributed applications to easily integrate their component-based applications with corporate data.
“ONTOS is pleased to announce support for the most popular application development technologies in the industry today,”
said Ken Lord, vice president of marketing at ONTOS.
“At ONTOS we are able to deliver scalable, cost-effective solutions to our customers in unprecedented time frames because we leverage the Microsoft application server technologies.”

XtremeSoft announced COMitor, a software product that enables performance monitoring and management of MTS and, in the future, COM+ applications. COMitor provides the tools for application developers and system managers to successfully develop and deploy next-generation applications.
“We built COMitor for the Microsoft application server technologies because it is the most popular platform for building and deploying distributed applications in the industry,”
said Steve Weiss, president of XtremeSoft.
“We will continue to extend and enhance the COMitor product line to support even more of the many richly integrated services found in the Microsoft application server technologies.”

Enterprise customers such as 1-800-FLOWERS and Scandinavian Airlines are also running their high-volume businesses on Microsoft application server technologies.

The Web site of 1-800-FLOWERS, the Westbury, N.Y., company with 150 retail outlets and sales of over $300 million in 1998, uses Windows NT Server 4.0 application server technologies such as MTS and IIS.
“At 1-800-FLOWERS we are currently running the core of our business on Microsoft’s application server technologies,”
said Chris McCann, senior vice president of 1-800-FLOWERS.
“At times our Web site,, takes more than 40,000 orders a day, and it is designed to easily grow to handle additional traffic as needed.”

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) operates an average of 1,000 flights per day around the world and allows its customers to access its reservation system via the Web. This allows customers to make travel plans and reservations in just minutes using Microsoft technology.
“At SAS we found that Microsoft’s application server technologies provided us with the best possible solution for developing Web applications,”
said H
kan Alvgren, manager of sales and distribution development at SAS.
“It has enabled us to create more applications in a shorter time frame, which is crucial for a successful Web strategy today.”
Microsoft’s application server technologies allow the SAS site to handle thousands of Internet clients daily while maintaining security and performance.

“Microsoft is very pleased with today’s announcements made by a wide range of companies that emphasize the growing adoption of Microsoft’s application server technologies,”
said Joe Maloney, group manager, platform marketing at Microsoft.
“Microsoft’s application server technologies provide the rich services and tools that enterprises need to develop distributed Web-based applications.”

Use of Microsoft’s application server technologies continues to grow at an unprecedented rate in the marketplace. According to Forrester Research, a
“whopping 46 percent of the Fortune 1,000 companies interviewed by Forrester use Microsoft Transaction Server as their application server.”
This strong momentum of integrators, software vendors and customers continues to drive market adoption of the Microsoft application server technologies to new heights.

About Microsoft’s Application Server Technologies

Microsoft’s application server technologies are a group of software services, which have been licensed for years with Windows NT Server, that support the creation of robust, scalable server applications accessible from browser and nonbrowser clients. Microsoft’s application server technologies include common features such as support for building Web-based applications, support for transactions, a unifying component model, database connection pooling and load balancing. The integrated technologies composing the Microsoft application server include Microsoft Transaction Server, Active Server Pages, Internet Information Server, Microsoft Message Queue Services, and Component Object Model.

Microsoft application server technologies provide the following:

  • The most complete set of integrated services and tools on the market for building enterprise applications

  • Widely used, mature technologies that provide language choice and a unified component model

  • Lower cost of ownership, driven by lower cost of integration and strong interoperability

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.


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