Thousands of Independent Software Vendors Choose Microsoft Internet Explorer

REDMOND, Wash., March 3, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that more than 2,000 independent software vendors (ISVs) have chosen Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser software to provide premier Internet functionality to their customers. The componentized architecture of Internet Explorer enables ISVs including America Online Inc and Qualcomm Corp. to seamlessly incorporate Web functionality into their software without the need to build it from the ground up. With the forthcoming Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft embarks on the third generation of Internet Explorer componentized architecture to further improve this powerful functionality for ISVs and customers worldwide.

“The Internet has become a core piece of software applications today, and we are pleased that developers worldwide are choosing Internet Explorer to enhance their applications for customers,” said Tod Nielsen, general manager of developer relations and platform marketing at Microsoft. “With Internet Explorer 5, we have further componentized the browsing technologies and added exciting enhancements in the areas of Dynamic HTML rendering and editing and XML parsing that will enable ISVs to create powerful Web-enabled applications more quickly.”

Internet Explorer’s componentized architecture, first introduced in Internet Explorer 3.0 in 1996, is the only major browser architecture that offers this powerful development solution. Based on developer feedback, the browser’s architecture has been continually revised and improved, enabling Microsoft to provide a proven third-generation browsing solution for developers with Internet Explorer 5.

Leading ISVs Choose Internet Explorer for Innovative Software Applications

Leading software vendors including Allaire Corp., MGI Software Corp. and Visio Corp. take advantage of the Internet Explorer componentized technologies today to add Web functionality such as HTML rendering and editing to their applications. Internet Explorer 5 improves on componentized Microsoft Windows® -based Internet technologies by providing a smaller, more modular and feature-rich solution for software developers.

Visio uses Internet Explorer technologies to provide HTML rendering inside its popular Visio diagramming software. “Microsoft’s componentization of the browsing technologies has enabled us to offer our users a more engaging and powerful product without having to write browsing code ourselves,” said Art Whitten, development manager at Visio. “With Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft is taking another step forward in terms of offering developers a smaller, more componentized set of leading Web technologies that users and developers will appreciate.”

MGI Software utilizes Internet Explorer technologies to generate the user interface and provide Web navigation within its popular PhotoSuite II PC photography software; the company plans to take advantage of Internet Explorer 5 in its new version of PhotoSuite, scheduled for release in the second quarter of 1999. “Internet Explorer technologies provide a powerful platform that allows us to deliver a unique and complete digital photography experience,” said Israel Ben-Ishai, vice president, research and development, MGI Software. “We fully intend to take advantage of the enhanced componentization of Internet Explorer 5 to provide our users an even more dynamic experience with our next release.”

Allaire currently takes advantage of Internet Explorer technologies to provide Dynamic HTML editing functionality in its HomeSite 4.0 editing tool and plans to incorporate Internet Explorer 5 technologies into the next version of HomeSite software. “Since Microsoft introduced the Dynamic HTML editing component last year, we have been using it to provide enhanced editing capabilities to our users,” said Larry Concannon, Allaire HomeSite marketing manager. “With Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft is demonstrating that it has learned from its experience with componentized solutions and has fine-tuned the browser to meet the needs of developers.”

Developers can obtain more information about Internet Explorer’s componentized solution on the Microsoft Site Builder Network at . A part of the Microsoft Developer Network, the Site Builder Network provides free comprehensive resources for developers building Web-based solutions. Since the Internet Explorer 5 Developer Preview was posted to the Site Builder Network Web site in June 1998, membership has increased rapidly, and today the combined total membership of SBN and MSDN
Online exceeds 2 million.

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 browser software is scheduled to be available on the Web March 18, 1999. For more information on Internet Explorer, visit .

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