Microsoft Unveils Developer Education Initiative for Windows 2000

REDMOND, Wash., March 16, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today introduced the Windows® 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers. This program provides software developers worldwide with the resources they need to ensure that existing applications will be compatible with the Microsoft® Windows 2000 operating system and that future versions of applications will deliver new levels of reliability and manageability for customers. This program will begin with the beta 3 release of Windows 2000, which is scheduled for April.

“The release of Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server will mark the introduction of a new generation of applications, designed to lower costs and bring new levels of reliability to Windows customers,”
said Brad Chase, vice president, Windows marketing and developer relations at Microsoft.
“The introduction of the Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers reiterates our long-standing commitment to working closely with the developer community.”

Microsoft has worked closely with corporate customers and application vendors for more than a year to develop clear, concise guidelines to help developers create applications that reduce cost of ownership for customers. These guidelines are available today in draft form as the Windows 2000 Application Specification on the Microsoft Web site at . The specification provides a road map for developers using new Windows 2000 technologies, such as the Active Directory
directory service and the Windows Installer service. Applications that meet this specification will be eligible to display the Windows 2000 logo.

“Compuware has used the Windows 2000 Application Specification to design and deliver a powerful environment for managing Windows 2000-based applications,”
said Frank Slootman, vice president, EcoSYSTEMS Lab.
“Compuware’s EcoSYSTEMS solution for application service-level management eases the migration of business-critical enterprise applications to the Windows 2000 environment. EcoSYSTEMS manages Windows 2000-based application performance, availability and recovery with EcoTOOLS, EcoSCOPE and EcoSNAP, respectively.”

Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers

The Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers will benefit individual developers and independent software vendors (ISVs). The program will help ISVs ensure that existing applications are compatible with Windows 2000. In addition, it will help developers creating new applications to meet the Windows 2000 Application Specification. The program will deliver an unprecedented range of development, training and testing resources, including these:

  • Enhanced community offerings. Individuals can take advantage of benefits such as access to Windows 2000-based technical documents, white papers, Web chats with Microsoft developers and newsgroups focusing on Windows 2000 via the MSDN
    developer program.

  • Windows 2000-based training and certification for application developers. Microsoft will make available a wide range of training and certification opportunities for application developers, such as Microsoft Official Curriculum and self-study programs to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification. In addition, Microsoft will offer other seminars and technical training events throughout the year.

  • Developer support. Application vendors who sign up for the Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers will have access to online support, newsgroups and online communities, as well as one-on-one Web support from Microsoft Product Support Services.

  • Windows 2000-based application testing labs. In addition to labs in Redmond and Silicon Valley, Microsoft is working with independent and partner testing labs worldwide to help developers prepare applications for Windows 2000.

“The seminar we attended proved to be a terrific learning experience for Fujitsu,”
said Ron Langer, senior sales and technical support manager, developer tools group at Fujistu Software Corp.
“The tools and resources provided by Microsoft will enable us to help our customers build innovative solutions and applications on the Windows 2000 platform using our advanced COBOL development environment.”

The Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers builds upon the comprehensive support that Microsoft provides to the development community via the MSDN developer program and the MSDN ISV program. For example, with the introduction of the Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers, more than 8,000 ISV members worldwide will receive in-depth information, resources and support. This will enable the ISVs to guarantee that existing and new applications are ready for Windows 2000, thereby ensuring that there are a wide range of Windows 2000-based applications available to customers.

Windows 2000 Enables New Generation of Applications

The Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers will help software developers follow the Windows 2000 Application Specification to create applications that deliver new levels of reliability and manageability on Windows 2000. Benefits of these new applications include the following:

  • Easier software deployment and management for organizations

  • The ability of network administrators to run applications in secure, controlled environments

  • A consistent
    “roaming user”
    experience, support for multiple users per machine and regeneration of application settings in machine replacement scenarios

  • Power management support for a superior mobile computing experience

  • Simplified tasks for users, making it easier to find resources through an enterprise network

Microsoft is also working with third-party tool vendors to make it easier for developers to create Windows 2000-based applications.

“InstallShield began working with Microsoft during the early stages of Windows 2000 development to create a leading-edge Windows-based installer authoring environment that will help ISVs produce next-generation applications that take advantage of this key TCO-reducing technology,”
said Brian Hall, vice president of marketing, InstallShield Software Corp.
“Programs such as the Microsoft Windows 2000 Readiness Program for Applications and Developers and InstallShield’s Early Experience Program provide the ISV developer with all the required tools and knowledge to implement the TCO-reducing features.”


Developers will be able to take advantage of these new resources when the beta 3 release of Windows 2000 becomes available in April 1999. ISVs will be able to learn more about this program and how to join on the MSDN ISV Web site ( ). Microsoft encourages developers and customers to review the current draft of the Windows 2000 Application Specification at . The specification will be finalized by the beta 3 release of Windows 2000.

MSDN is the essential resource for developers, bringing together everything they need to be successful, including tools, technologies, education, information and technical events. More than 2 million developers use resources provided by MSDN to create applications and solutions for the Windows operating systems, the Microsoft BackOffice® family server application suite, Microsoft Office desktop applications and the Internet. More information on MSDN resources for developers is available at .

About Windows 2000

Windows 2000 Professional will be an ideal operating system for businesses of all sizes. It will deliver on the traditional strengths of the Windows NT® operating system by providing high levels of security, reliability and performance. In addition, it will be the easiest version of Windows yet for working with computers, setting up and configuring a system, working offline and browsing the Web. For system administrators, Windows 2000 Professional will provide a more manageable desktop that is simpler to deploy, manage and support, which translates into lower overall costs.

Windows 2000 Server (formerly Windows NT Server 5.0) is a multipurpose operating system that delivers file and print services, advanced application support, Web integration and communication server functions in an integrated, cost-effective platform designed for the future. Building on the strengths of Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 is even more scalable, highly reliable, and easier and more economical to manage.

Windows 2000 Server delivers a comprehensive set of distributed infrastructure services based on the Active Directory, the multipurpose directory service that is scalable, built from the ground up using Internet-standard technologies, and fully integrated at the operating system level. The Active Directory simplifies administration, makes it easier for users to find resources throughout an enterprise network, and provides the infrastructure for directory-enabled applications and networking.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

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