Microsoft Certified Support Center: A Multi-vendor Enterprise-Computing Solution

Redmond, Wash., April 12, 1999 — For today’s enterprise, success and the ability to meet the demands of the competitive market depend on high-quality and well-defined product support in environments that integrate various combinations of hardware, software, and operating systems from multiple vendors. With this in mind, Microsoft Corp. today announced that in an effort to communicate a more integrated, clear platform of support, the Microsoft Authorized Support Center (ASC) will undergo a brand name shift to Microsoft Certified Support Center (MCSC). Microsoft and its support partners combine their technical expertise and experience to address the specific product and infrastructure support needs of their enterprise customers. By consolidating support services through a MCSC, customers save time through a simplified, customized service and support solution.

The incorporation of support centers into the Microsoft Certified brand, effective today and adopted by all ASCs throughout ’99, not only indicates Microsoft’s sentiment that partners meet its high standard of support expertise, but also Microsoft’s desire to communicate that partners are tightly woven into its overall support infrastructure. With approximately 75 ASCs worldwide and nine in North America, Microsoft relies heavily upon the extensive technical competence of support partners both domestically and worldwide.

Depending on the size, scope, and specific needs of each customer, the MCSC offers a range of full life-cycle services, helping to plan, build, and manage the customer’s technical infrastructure. The support partners, a select group of companies designated by Microsoft, act as the key support contact for the customer and help to develop mission-critical support relative to the specific needs of the customer’s environment. The availability of technical expertise and support is imperative for the enterprise customer; Microsoft ensures these criteria are met through critical support back-up, knowledge transfer, and strict staffing requirements that include Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Microsoft Certified Product Specialists.

The MCSCs take Microsoft support beyond Microsoft products, working to support and service all products located in the customer’s computing infrastructure. The end result is a high-performance business solution for the enterprise customer, combining multi-vendor product expertise into a cohesive, mission-critical technical support center.

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