Microsoft Launches New Alliance to Simplify E-Commerce for Customers

NEW YORK, April 27 1999 — With the rapid growth of the e-commerce market, customers seeking to select, purchase and deploy e-commerce solutions have a difficult time knowing where to start, who to go to and how to implement solutions efficiently.

In an effort to make this process easier for customers, Microsoft and several partners today announced the Microsoft E-Commerce Alliance at The Gartner Group Internet and Electronic Commerce show (iEC). Formed to assist customers in finding the solutions that best fit their unique e-commerce needs, the Microsoft E-Commerce Alliance will deliver a one-stop-shopping experience. In addition, software and services from multiple E-Commerce Alliance members will be brought together to accelerate the creation and deployment of innovative, complete e-commerce solutions.

Members of the Alliance include key vendors such as Commerce One, Great Plains, Compaq and Ernst & Young, in addition to hundreds of independent software vendors (ISVs), Microsoft Certified Solution Providers (MCSPs), global systems integrators and hosting service providers.

Other announcements made at iEC demonstrate the work that has already been done by multiple technology and service providers to create these one-stop e-commerce solutions. Vendors such as Baan Company, OneSoft, MasterCard and Clarus have developed offerings with Microsoft Certified Solution Providers and global systems integrators so that customers can begin deployment of these e-commerce solutions in one easy step.

Specific announcements include:

  • Microsoft/Clarus/MasterCard WebPurchasing Program: Microsoft Corp., MasterCard International Inc., and Clarus Corp. announced that financial institutions, suppliers and solution providers, system integrators and Internet service providers are supporting the WebPurchasing program to deliver end-to-end, integrated Web-based corporate purchasing solutions to both buyers and suppliers. The WebPurchasing program offers a corporate purchasing solution based on Microsoft’s e-commerce platform, Clarus’ E-Procurement application, and MasterCard’s payment processing infrastructure.

  • OneSoft Program: In another prime example of partners coming together to serve customers’ e-commerce business needs, Microsoft has teamed with OneSoft to create the OneSoft Certified Commerce Solution Provider (O2CSP) program. This co-developed offering brings together Microsoft Certified Solution Providers, Independent Software Vendors and Internet Service Providers to provide customers with a quick and easy one-stop shopping experience for choosing an e-commerce solution based on the Microsoft platform. OneSoft’s OneCommerce software and the O2CSP program put power back in the customer’s hands by providing clear benchmarks regarding total implementation cost, projected return on investment and total cost of ownership, as well as in-depth customer analysis tools to help them drive increased sales on their Web sites. Customers also benefit from the guarantee of total implementation in 90 days or less and pre-packaged solutions geared toward their specific customer segment.

  • BAAN Company: Baan Company N.V. today announced its Baan E-Enterprise suite of web-enabled enterprise software applications that facilitate business between the entire “value chain” of employees, partners, resellers, suppliers, and multiple customer tiers. Based on the Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition platform, Baan Company customers can now leverage the power of Baan enterprise applications through the addition of these high-ROI business-to-business e-commerce, supply chain collaboration, and indirect procurement solutions. Baan will deliver its new E-Enterprise suite through Microsoft E-Commerce Alliance members, which have been trained on the Microsoft e-commerce platform and Baan’s solution.

EDITORS’ NOTE, December 30, 2004
— This page has been revised since original publication.

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