OneSoft Offers First E-Commerce Solution to Result From Microsoft E-Commerce Alliance

NEW YORK, April 27, 1999 — Today at the fifth annual Internet & Electronic Commerce Conference & Exposition in New York City, Microsoft Corp. and OneSoft Corp. unveiled the OneSoft Certified Commerce Solution Provider
™(O2CSP) program. The co-developed offering will help customers quickly and reliably deploy comprehensive e-commerce solutions that are tailored for their customer segment with OneSoft’s software products optimized on the Microsoft® platform. The announcement follows an exclusive Microsoft webcast briefing provided to Microsoft Certified Solution Providers (MCSPs) less than two weeks ago. During the broadcast, Chairman and CEO Bill Gates, among others, shared Microsoft’s vision of the new Microsoft E-Commerce Alliance, which brings partners together to provide customers with an easy one-stop shopping experience by creating innovative e-commerce solutions on today’s Microsoft commerce platform.

Due to the increasing urgency many business decision-makers are faced with today to quickly mobilize an online presence for their companies, Microsoft has formed an alliance with OneSoft to answer the need for a quick and easy-to-buy solution that puts decision-making back in the hands of the customer. The O2CSP program will also leverage the power of partners working together to solve customers’ business problems by providing MCSPs, independent software vendors (ISVs) and Internet service providers (ISPs) with the tools that they need to clearly communicate and implement OneSoft
software solutions. Customers interested in more information about the O2CSP program can visit OneSoft’s Web site at .

“Microsoft made a firm commitment to its customers and channel partners that it will bring viable options to the table to ensure the easiest possible implementation experience for e-commerce solutions on the Microsoft platform,” said Sam Jadallah, vice president of Enterprise sales at Microsoft. “The OneSoft alliance is an excellent example of how Microsoft works with leading ISVs to ensure that customers have the most highly skilled solution providers available to help them meet their company’s e-commerce goals.”

Customer Benefit

OneSoft provides a number of innovative products through the O2CSP program. The most important one is OneCommerce
, an open, standards-based technology built on financial models that tie the Internet to the businesses’ bottom line and help business leaders make sound decisions about their e-commerce solutions, regardless of their technical knowledge. Customers will benefit from a deployment time frame of 90 days or less and financial models designed to help them predict both the potential return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) of their e-commerce solution. Vertical market and industry solution templates expedite the process by helping customers quickly identify the type of solution that best fits their business, and quote building tools quickly provide accurate figures for total cost of deployment. In-depth customer analysis tools add value by helping online businesses identify their customer base. In addition, a comprehensive competitive comparison is available at the outset, giving customers the power to make informed decisions about the solution they implement.

An added benefit customers will receive from their O2CSP is expert consultation on how to increase sales on their sites, create promotions that target repeat customers, develop affinity programs and implement other programs designed not just to generate visits, but to increase actual purchases. Customers may also take advantage of tailored support programs designed to meet their needs beyond deployment.

“Our goal is to provide CEOs and business managers with a clear blueprint for their companies’ success on the Web, and our efforts will be helped tremendously through this association with Microsoft,” said James MacIntyre, chairman and chief executive officer of OneSoft. “Together, we will get smart Internet commerce software products and solutions into the hands of customers so they can automate the growth and development of enterprise customer relationships, which can increase revenues, decrease costs, increase profits and optimize shareholder value.”

Channel Evolvement and Benefits

The O2CSP program is available to commerce-focused MCSPs in North America and Canada. Participants must meet a number of requirements to qualify for the program. MCSPs must have submitted at least two Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition (SSCE) wins to Microsoft in the last twelve months. They must also have at least two technical staff members with experience in providing SSCE and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) solutions, as well as one dedicated e-commerce salesperson with a deep understanding of the business benefits of e-commerce. In addition, these staff members will be required to attend certification training to ensure they are able to meet the benchmarks provided for customers.

“NDC Group is excited about the opportunities made available to us through the relationship between Microsoft and OneSoft,” said Danielle Cogar, vice president, Consulting Services at NDC Group Inc. “As an MCSP, NDC Group’s experience and expertise with Microsoft technologies, coupled with OneSoft’s prepackaged solution, further enhances our ability to build comprehensive best-of-breed e-commerce solutions that ensure our clients’ success.”

Benefits for participating MCSPs include free* access to the members-only section of the Internet commerce solution portal, , free presales support from OneSoft, a five-pack of MTS support from Microsoft and a five-pack of technical support from OneSoft, referrals from both Microsoft and OneSoft, technical and planning templates, white papers, and a forum in which to meet and discuss technical and sales issues with other O2CSPs.

Microsoft and OneSoft will conduct several marketing programs, including direct mail campaigns, banner and print advertising as well as seminars around the country, to introduce customers to the O2CSP in their area. Interested MCSPs can sign up at the OneSoft Certified Commerce Solution Provider Web site at:

OneCommerce on the Microsoft Commerce Platform

OneCommerce, OneSoft’s flagship product, takes advantage of the latest Microsoft commerce platform technology, including Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Transaction Server and Microsoft Message Queuing as well as Microsoft SQL Server
™, the Windows NT® operating system and COM technology. Having adopted XML early on, OneCommerce will also utilize BizTalk
, a new Microsoft framework that will make it easier for companies to conduct transactions, integrate applications and exchange data by providing a common vocabulary for software across any platform or technology.

“In OneCommerce, we built the most powerful and flexible commerce application on the market today and optimized it for the best platform,” said Dr. Bradley S. Fordham, chief technology officer for OneSoft Corp.

OneCommerce workstations allow the customer to accurately monitor all aspects of their site and make changes dynamically to respond to demand. In addition, workstations are role-centric, a first in the industry, providing the ability to build management interfaces for specific business roles. Modular extensibility and packaging allow customers to choose the software solution that most precisely fits their needs.

About the Microsoft MCSP Program

MCSPs are independent organizations working with Microsoft that include a wide range of companies, such as systems integrators, custom application developers, installation and deployment service providers, business consultants and training organizations. MCSPs add value by offering their customers a full range of services, including Internet, intranet and e-commerce solutions, line-of-business applications, and client/server implementations. More information on the MCSP program is available at .

About the Companies

OneSoft Corp. is a leading provider of enterprise-class Internet commerce software and vertical market solutions that automate the growth and development of enterprise customer relationships, resulting in increased revenues, decreased costs, and optimized profits and shareholder value. OneSoft is a participant in Microsoft’s E-Commerce Alliance and a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. OneSoft also holds a seat on Microsoft’s Commerce Partner Advisory Council, a select group of 25 organizations that ultimately shape Microsoft’s channel-based strategy for delivering customer e-commerce solutions and services.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

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