Slate Launches New Enhanced Site Designed to Improve Navigation

REDMOND, Wash., May 11, 1999 — Following a substantial increase in site traffic since its recent switch to a free content model, the Microsoft® Slate® online magazine of news, politics and culture ( ), today unveiled its enhanced Web site. Based largely on reader feedback, the design enhancements include more intuitive navigation, integration of new ad elements and better integration with the MSN
network of Internet services, the fastest-growing network on the Internet.

With its rapidly growing audience (Internet reach for Slate grew from a 0.4 reach in January to a 1.1 reach in March, according to Media Metrix), the enhanced site design of Slate now lets new and returning readers access the stories they want more quickly. Readers can choose two alternative views of the contents page on Slate: New Today or This Week. New Today lists stories published within the previous 24 hours. This Week lists all the current week’s stories.

To quickly access content within each of the sections on Slate – Briefing, Features, 24/seven, and Utilities – visitors can click on a Dynamic HTML navigation toolbar at the top of any page within the site. A drop-down menu offering links to current articles enables swift navigation to the selected story. In addition, a Today in Slate link box within each story lets readers easily jump to other stories featured that day. MSN Links promote other content and features within the MSN network, which includes the MSN Expedia® travel service, the MSN MoneyCentral
™personal online service, the MSN Sidewalk® online guide, the MSN HomeAdvisor
online real estate service and MSNBC.

“We’re pleased to be able to deliver so many features that our readers have been asking for,”
said Scott Moore, Slate publisher.
“We expect that visitors will read more of Slate on each visit now that it’s easier for them to see what else is appearing in the magazine. That’s good for readers as well as our advertisers.”

The site now offers advertisers additional ad space via sponsorship hot links at the top of sponsored stories and column ads in story margins, as well as the traditional banner ads at the top of editorial pages within Slate. With the simultaneous launch of this enhanced site and its
“Win What Matters”
sweepstakes, Slate also announces the signing of seven new advertisers: Audible Inc.; LLC; Brooks Brothers; First USA;; People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA); Starwood Vacations, the vacation program of Starwood Hotels; and Resorts Worldwide Inc.

In addition to the free content available to any site visitor (connect-time charges may apply), Slate continues to offer a premium paid subscription that includes e-mail delivery of popular columns and features such as Today’s Papers, access to almost three years of archived content from Slate, and The Fray, a community forum for readers of Slate. Despite switching to a free content model, Slate has increased its total paid subscribers since the switch in February to nearly 30,000.

Slate, the online magazine founded and edited by Michael Kinsley, is published by Microsoft (Nasdaq
). Each day, Slate offers the Internet’s informed perspective on politics and culture.

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