Early Pilot Projects Demonstrate Performance of Smart Card for Windows

REDMOND, Wash., May 12, 1999 — Since the initial announcement of Microsoft® Smart Card for Windows® in October, a broad range of technology solutions providers have been working with Microsoft Corp. on several pilot projects to demonstrate the potential of Smart Card for Windows as a platform for next-generation smart cards. Several of these projects, in a range of corporate and government applications, were unveiled today during a keynote address by Philippe Goetschel, general manager of Smart Card for Windows at Microsoft, at the CardTech/SecurTech ’99 (CTST) conference being held in Chicago May 11-14.

The pilots reflect Microsoft’s initial focus on three broad market categories: corporate IT (secure logon), medical, and travel and entertainment (including loyalty applications). A variety of key technology providers, from card manufacturers to systems integrators, are working with Microsoft and pilot customers to deploy and test the performance of Smart Card for Windows.

“We are pleased by the scope of evaluations that are now under way for Smart Card for Windows,” Goetschel said. “The range of card manufacturers, integrators and application developers involved in these projects shows that Smart Card for Windows can fulfill its potential to be a low-cost, high-performance platform that will broaden the interest in and applications of smart cards.”

Pilot Programs

With its sharing of key security features (such as Access Control Rules) and overall integration with the Microsoft Windows NT® operating system, one of the major applications for Smart Card for Windows will be secure logon and authentication of computer users in corporate environments. In the case of Merrill Lynch & Company Inc., the initial pilot for the Smart Card for Windows in conjunction with Schlumberger centers around developing an enhanced enterprise security solution. The pilot delivers secure authentication, digital signing and encryption to Merrill’s mobile users, which will provide a level of identification superior to passwords or third-party approaches. Dean Mazboudi, vice president of Merrill Lynch, Private Client Architecture, said, “We are very pleased with Smart Card for Windows as an extensible and familiar application platform. We anticipate deriving a great advantage from it, enhancing our user experience and protecting our sensitive data.”

In the area of health-care applications, the Veterans’ Administration Medical Center in Charleston, S.C., was looking to improve the quality of service and decrease the time spent admitting and processing patients. Currently it is difficult to get veterans’ eligibility information and medical records when they present for care at a non-VA facility. But with SmartRec technology developed by MedAssure, a Datacard Group Company, the information is immediately available via a smart card carried by the patient. A pilot program for veterans enrolled in the VA Home Care program will give VA and non-VA clinicians access to patient data at home as well as at local VA and non-VA emergency departments. “The easy integration of Smart Card for Windows with patient management data systems makes this a powerful solution,” said Ravi Sharma, president of MedAssure. “We expect to increase efficiency in patient registration, to reduce costs by avoiding redundant tests, and to improve the quality of care by avoiding adverse drug events.”

Key Technology Providers

At the CardTech/SecurTech conference, several key technology suppliers will exhibit their solutions based on Smart Card for Windows:

  • Security. Litronic Inc., a leader in the development of innovative security solutions, is taking the leading role in developing end-to-end security solutions based on Smart Card for Windows. Litronic will demonstrate its solutions at the Microsoft booth at CTST and also will provide technical expertise and integration skills as part of the Smart Card for Windows developer workshop at the conference.

  • Security. Federal Data Corp. (FDC) and card manufacturer Gemplus SCA are working with Microsoft to build prototype systems for secure access control and electronic commerce for U.S. government agencies. As one of the five largest systems integrators in the government sector, FDC will demonstrate its portfolio of applications solutions based on Smart Card for Windows both at CTST and at its Bethesda, Md., technology center.

  • Travel and Entertainment. Electronic Data Systems Corp. (EDS) has been working with Touch Technology International to develop an integrated travel service demonstration. The smart card holds electronic tickets, personal profiles and preferences, loyalty programs and electronic cash. A traveler may use the card for many aspects of travel, from airline seat assignments and express car rentals to hotel check-in and check-out and paying for airport parking. This technology is an example of the end-to-end capabilities of the E-Business Solutions unit at EDS.

  • Loyalty. CyberMark, a leading developer and supplier of smart card solutions for education, corporate, stadium and government markets, will demonstrate its loyalty application for Smart Card for Windows. Current tests are under way at Florida State University and Villanova University.

  • E-purse. ICL PLC is demonstrating for the first time its SMARTCITY electronic purse with Internet value loading on Smart Card for Windows. This is the first step on the path to migrating all SMARTCITY applications (including secure systems access and loyalty) to the new Microsoft card platform.

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