This Is No Skins Game! “Microsoft Links Extreme” Hits Stores May 27

REDMOND, Wash., May 19, 1999 — On May 27, Microsoft Corp. will release its first PC golf game from newly acquired Access Software Inc., developers of the award-winning Links Series. “Microsoft® Links Extreme” is a one-of-a-kind fantasy golf experience that blends intense competition with a humorous departure from golfing etiquette. Purists of the sport beware: This is no skins game!

Experienced golfers, gamers and beginners will enjoy blowing off steam at Armadillo Al’s Demolition Driving Range, where points are awarded for accurately hitting exploding golf balls into moving targets such as cows, flamingos and uptight course marshals before time expires. The unique modes of play featured on “Microsoft Links Extreme” are Deathmatch Golf, Extreme Golf and Poison Golf, with starting times available on the colorful island fairways of Mojo Bay Country Club and the World War I battlefield course, Dimension X.

In Deathmatch Golf, players must ration exploding golf ordnance, and the last player left standing on each hole is victorious. Extreme Golf is like standard stroke play with one big twist: a golf bag loaded with magic golf balls! These bizarre balls can be used for strategic advantage or as diabolical pranks on opponents. In Poison Golf mode, the winner of each hole becomes a lethal “poison” on the next hole. There are two ways to win: compete successfully for the lowest score, or destroy the opponent with five unique exploding golf balls.

Though the game takes a radical, new approach to the sport, fans of the Links Series will be happy to know that “Microsoft Links Extreme” uses the same award-winning Links Series engine, which has set the standard for realistic, competitive PC golf. A 15-year-old franchise developed by Access Software of Salt Lake City and purchased recently by Microsoft, the Links Series is the No. 1 PC golf line of all time. A perennial award-winner, the Links Series has received numerous awards, including the following:

  • Codie Award – Best New Sports Software Game, 1999

  • Codie Award – Best Sports Software Game, 1997, 1998

  • PC Magazine – Editor’s Choice Award, 1998

  • Computer Gaming World – Editor’s Choice Award, 1997

  • PC Games Magazine – Best Sports Game of the Year, 1997

  • US News & World Report – The Best of Golf: Best CD-ROM, 1997

“Microsoft Links Extreme” is available for Internet play for up to eight players on the MSN TM Gaming Zone ( ) with additional support via the Links Series Web site ( ).

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