Ballmer Meets with Key Customers, Partners in Europe

TORINO, Italy, May 24, 1999 — As part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to its European customers, Microsoft President Steve Ballmer arrived in Italy today to meet with key executives, partners and end users. In a series of meetings with IT professionals and Microsoft employees, he outlined the company’s knowledge management strategy, explaining how tools such as Office 2000 can give businesses the power to manage information and collaborate effectively.

He also explained the company’s role in e-commerce, noting that Microsoft is making it easier for companies of all sizes to do business on the Internet using MSN services and the BizTalk e-commerce framework. Microsoft’s mission, Ballmer said, is to accelerate the growth of e-commerce by providing the tools and resources to help bring buyers and sellers together.

Throughout the week, Ballmer will meet with Microsoft customers, subsidiaries and key partners in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Austria, explaining the company’s role in improving business productivity and outlining its renewed vision and customer focus. PressPass will provide continuing coverage of Ballmer’s activities in Europe; check back daily for further updates and breaking news.

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