Microsoft and CANTV to Expand Internet Services in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela, July 8, 1999 — CANTV Servicios, the largest Internet Service Provider in Venezuela, has chosen Microsoft’s Commercial Internet System as the foundation for a next-generation Internet service platform for its customers. Using Microsoft technology, the company hopes to greatly expand its range of Internet services, bringing services like high-speed access, wireless connectivity, electronic commerce, and online banking to every home and business in Venezuela.

“Our company reaches approximately 40 percent of the Internet users in Venezuela, and our immediate plans are to start supplying the next generation of Internet services nationwide,” said CANTV Servicios President Miguel Benatuil. “Our commitment to the Microsoft platform sets up a strategic alliance that will capitalize on the strengths of both companies.”

The Microsoft Commercial Internet System, built on Windows NT, offers a suite of powerful and highly integrated applications that provide support for Internet content development and management, private networks, roaming solutions, hosting services and electronic commerce — with the flexibility, scalability and low cost that makes it a perfect fit with CANTV’s ambitious plans.

Although only 170,000 Venezuelans currently have Internet access, the two companies are optimistic that Microsoft technology can help make the Internet part of everyday life in Venezuela. “We are working together to bring the Internet to every household and business in Venezuela,” said Wencio Martinez, industry and telecommunications account manager at Microsoft Venezuela. “When we achieve this critical mass of users, this will allow for an explosion of new value-added services like electronic commerce, online banking, extranets, intranet hosting and virtual network development.”

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