The Results Are In: Microsoft’s Web Platform Leads in Scalability and Performance

REDMOND, Wash., July 14, 1999 — PC Week Labs recently published the results of industry analyst Doculabs’ testing of leading application platforms, and they clearly show that Microsoft Windows NT Enterprise Server 4.0 leads the pack in scalability and performance.

Using the @Bench benchmark, which measures a platform’s ability to handle a large-scale e-commerce application, Doculabs put eight leading platforms to the task of managing a 12.5 million row back-end database.

In these tests, a $177,000 Compaq setup running Microsoft Windows NT outperformed several $430,000 Sun setups, handling more than 10,000 concurrent users and serving 2,500 Web pages per second — over 250% faster than any other platform. In the opinion of PC Week Labs, these tests show that Microsoft’s Web platform is “fast enough for any business on earth.”

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