Microsoft Unveils Vast New World of “Asheron’s Call” at GenCon ’99

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 5, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. is calling on all gamers attending the 32nd annual GenCon Game Fair to be among the first to explore the expansive new world of “Asheron’s Call TM ,” an epic, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, months before its scheduled holiday release on the MSN TM Gaming Zone ( ).

Gamers attending GenCon ’99 in Milwaukee, the biggest game-fan convention of its kind, can see “Asheron’s Call” at the Microsoft booth, No. 101, from Aug. 5 through 8 at the Midwest Express Center.

According to Adam Waalkes, product unit manager for the MSN Gaming Zone, “The online role-playing category is one of the hottest categories in PC gaming today, allowing thousands of gamers to play in a virtual fantasy world. The fact that ‘Asheron’s Call’ is widely recognized as the next big game scheduled for release in this popular category is very exciting.”

So far, only a limited number of gamers testing the beta version have had a chance to explore Dereth, the fantasy world in which “Asheron’s Call” is set. Over the next few months, thousands more will be added to the game in advance of its release to the general public. “This next wave of testers will discover mysterious new locales, explore dangerous subterranean dungeons, and interact with a much larger cast of characters new to the world of Dereth,” Waalkes said.

About “Asheron’s Call”

“Asheron’s Call” is a game of limitless adventure, where collaboration is key and a constantly evolving story line and new game content create an ever-changing environment for thousands of players to explore. Developed by Turbine Entertainment Software Corp. for exclusive play on the MSN Gaming Zone ( ), “Asheron’s Call” offers the following distinguishing features:

  • An original and constantly evolving story line filled with dangerous monsters and larger than life characters

  • Unique character creation with more than 16 million visual combinations , allowing for a unique population that is bigger than most major cities

  • An expansive gaming world of more than 500 miles with scores of places to explore, from mountain glaciers and busy towns to desert wastelands and elaborate dungeons

  • Social systems (allegiance and fellowship) that encourage players both experienced and new to work together

  • An elaborate magic system offering hundreds of spells to learn and cast

  • Dazzling special effects and rich levels of detail that create a high level of realism in the fantasy world

Additional Microsoft Games on Display at GenCon

Also on display at the Microsoft® booth is “Age of Empires® II: The Age of Kings,” the sequel to the best-selling real-time strategy game “Age of Empires,” and “Starlancer,” an intense first-person space combat game created by Digital Anvil Inc.’s Chris and Erin Roberts, pioneers of the space combat genre.

About Microsoft

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