Windows CE Builds a Better Gas Pump for BP Amoco

REDMOND, Wash., August 17, 1999 — Tokheim Systems, the world’s largest provider of fuel dispensing systems, today announced a three-year contract with BP Amoco to provide future fuel dispensing systems based on Microsoft Windows CE. Developed by Radiant Systems, this “gas pump of the future” uses Windows CE to extend the capabilities of existing applications, provide multimedia features and prepare for feature and functionality needs. These systems are expected to appear early next year in BP gas stations throughout the United States.

Originally introduced in June 1999 at the Windows CE Developers Conference, the Tokheim “Millennium Dispenser” features a 10.4 inch touch screen display with an easy-to-use graphical user interface, enabling multimedia advertising and Internet content on demand. Behind the scenes, the system is able to make preventive maintenance service calls via the Internet, increasing uptime and reducing total cost of ownership.

“For a product like this, Windows CE provides clear benefits to retailers and consumers alike,” said Microsoft product manager Tony Barbagallo. “Windows CE provides embedded systems developers like Radiant Systems with more core operating system services than competing products. It’s an open platform that enables quick development using industry standards. It introduces functionality and a feature set that makes multimedia possible where it wasn’t before, and its security technology ensures protected transmission of credit and debit card information.”

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