Windows Media Technologies 4 Delivers Better Performance, Higher Quality

REDMOND, Wash., August 17, 1999 — Microsoft today released Windows Media Technologies 4, an advanced audio and video streaming technology that raises the quality of multimedia Internet content to a new level. With unmatched quality, proven digital rights management and powerful content development tools, Windows Media Technologies 4 simplifies the production of multimedia content and improves the overall user experience.

For consumers, Windows Media Technologies 4 delivers CD-quality audio at half the file size of competing formats, enabling higher-quality streamed audio over dialup connections. The software also produces near-broadcast video quality for high-bandwidth users. Overall, this higher performance reduces file size, saving time and disk space for downloaded content. (For a detailed comparison with competing formats, see the Windows Media “Dare to Compare” Web page at


For content providers, Windows Media Technologies 4 offers a proven digital rights management system that helps artists, record labels and recording studios control the distribution of their works over the Internet. In addition, the capability to stream audio and visual content to multiple users is included in Microsoft Windows NT Server– at no extra charge.

Record labels, jukebox software makers and digital audio player manufacturers have embraced the new Microsoft technology. Sony Music chose Windows Media for its release of the new Mariah Carey single, “Heartbreaker.” In addition, Jukebox software makers like Sonic Foundry and MusicMatch have built in Windows Media support. (Click here for a complete list of third-party vendors

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