Microsoft, Cirrus Logic Enable Next-Generation Portable Music Devices

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 27, 1999 — Microsoft and Cirrus Logic today announced a technology licensing agreement that will help make the next-generation of portable music devices more powerful, flexible and efficient. The Maverick line of Internet audio chips, developed by Cirrus Logic for use in portable music devices, will incorporate Microsoft’s Windows Media Technologies, enabling manufacturers to offer Windows Media Audio support in their devices at no additional licensing cost.

Manufacturers using the Maverick chipset and Windows Media Technologies will be able to quickly and easily deliver new devices that offer CD-quality audio at half the file size of competing formats — allowing consumers to store more music on their devices without sacrificing audio quality. The devices will also feature Windows Media Technologies’ industry-leading digital rights management, which allows content providers to retain control over their valuable intellectual property.

“Today’s announcement is a shot that will be heard around the world for consumers and portable device manufacturers ,” said Anthony Bay, general manager of Microsoft’s streaming media division.. “By being the first to build-in on their chip our CD-Quality Windows Media Audio format and Digital Rights Management solution, and top it off with a no-cost license for the OEM, Cirrus Logic is making it easier for device manufacturers to use our superior audio format than any other audio format on the market today, including MP3.

“When we saw that Windows Media Technologies delivered smaller file sizes and robust digital rights management, we felt it was a great fit for our Maverick chipset,” said Joe Maurin, director of business development in the embedded processors divison at Cirrus Logic. “By supporting this technology, we’re helping manufacturers build better devices for their growing customer base.”

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