New Windows CE-Based Palm-Size PC Tapped for Cameo Role in Latest James Bond Film

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. 27, 1999 — Tick tick tick tick tick. Precious seconds are slipping away, and our heroine, the shrewd and disciplined nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones, will be blown to smithereens unless she can defuse a nuclear bomb before detonation. Tick. . . tick. . . tick. She’s rocketing down an oil pipeline at 70 miles per hour. Tick. . . tick. Does she depend on her cohort, James Bond, the world’s most debonair secret agent, to rescue her from these explosive circumstances? Tick. Not this resourceful woman.

Relying on her knife-edged wits, the plucky nuclear weapons expert whips out her own secret weapon: an HP Jornada Palm-size PC. The slick device made by Hewlett-Packard and powered by the Microsoft Windows CE operating system, is just the cutting-edge tool she needs to diagnose this deadly bomb and find out what makes it, well, tick.

Does Dr. Jones succeed and save the world’s oil supply from destruction? To learn the answer to that question, James Bond fans will have to wait until Nov. 19, when
“The World is Not Enough”
will begin showing on movie screens nationwide. The film, starring Pierce Brosnan as the inimitable Agent 007 and Denise Richards as the savvy Dr. Christmas Jones, showcases the portable power and intelligent technology that come together in HP’s new Windows CE-based Palm-size PC.

Available in stores this week, the innovative HP Jornada Palm-size PC features a 133MHz processor, 16 MB of memory, a full color display screen, and built-in digital imaging and music applications. Sure, this mobile companion can still help users keep track of appointments, store addresses and phone numbers, and stay in touch over e-mail. But this next-generation device has raised the bar for Palm-size PCs, capitalizing on the power of Windows CE to help users do more with the device — and expect more from it.

For example, the Windows CE-based HP Jornada is ideally suited for a host of intriguing mobile applications, from health-care professionals diagnosing patients, to repair technicians troubleshooting faulty appliances, to field reps consulting a sales database, to real-estate agents sending digital pictures to prospective home buyers. In short, it’s a tool of the trade designed to help users work more productively, whatever their business may be and wherever it takes them. Even if their profession is espionage, and their business is to squelch a criminal mastermind trying to control world oil supplies.

The HP Jornada’s cameo appearance in
“The World is Not Enough”
marks a first-ever collaborative effort among Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and MGM. Trailers promoting the new Bond movie are in theaters now. To preview some action scenes from the film, use the links provided here.

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