Play Pack: A Holiday Gift From Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 1, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of the Play Pack CD-ROM with Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition, the update to the popular Windows 98 operating system that delivers the latest Internet, home networking and hardware technologies for consumers. The Play Pack CD-ROM offers consumers the opportunity to experience the latest in digital media entertainment. Play Pack includes 18 songs in Windows Media TM from top labels such as BMG and artists like Sarah McLachlan and Puff Daddy, action-packed computer game demos, valuable digital photography offers, and MusicMatch Jukebox software that enables consumers to create their own PC music library. These offerings are available with new retail license purchases of Windows 98 Second Edition beginning Nov. 1, 1999, and ending Jan. 31, 2000, or while supplies last.

“Digital media is one of the technologies consumers will increasingly use on their PC to enhance the way they do the things they enjoy, such as listening to music and playing games,”
said Shawn Sanford, group product manager, Consumer Windows Division at Microsoft.
“Through the exciting offerings of the Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Play Pack CD-ROM, users have a chance to experience digital entertainment at its best via Windows.”

The Play Pack CD-ROM extends an invitation to home PC users to take part in a broad range of digital entertainment options:

  • Music. Music fans will find songs by musicians from various labels, including BMG artists Brooks & Dunn, Lit and Verve Pipe, all available via Windows Media Technologies. Windows Media is a leap forward in digital audio because it offers better-quality sound in a smaller size. Windows Media-based files play CD-quality audio at half the size of equivalent-quality MP3 files, so listeners get the quality of MP3 in half the download time and can store twice as much music on their computer or portable device. Music can be played 30 days from first play.

  • MusicMatch Jukebox. Users can now create their own music libraries by mixing personal favorites from their CDs with songs downloaded from the Internet. MusicMatch enables consumers to organize and manage their music collection with ease.

  • Windows Media Player. The Play Pack CD-ROM includes the latest Windows Media Player, giving users access to the highest-quality digital media available on the Web today.

  • Games. The Play Pack CD-ROM also includes demonstrations and samples of 12 action-packed digital computer games as well as a link to the MSN TM Gaming Zone. These titles showcase the amazing 3-D graphics, immersive sound, multiplayer connectivity and heightened ease of use offered by the Windows gaming platform.

  • Digital photography. Rebates on the newest digital cameras from Fujifilm, plus savings on convenient Kodak digital photo services, are included. Those who have been eager to try digital photography can now take and edit their own digital images in time for the holidays. Some restrictions may apply, see rebate on Play Pack CD-ROM for details.

  • Internet access. The MSN section on the Play Pack CD-ROM includes an offer for one month of free Internet access via the MSN network of Internet services. This offer makes it easy for users to experience being online and allows them to participate in the MSN Gaming Zone free of charge.*

  • Sweepstakes. An opportunity to enter the Amplify Your Play Sweepstakes is available on the Play Pack CD-ROM.** Digital cameras, color printers, gaming devices and gift certificates are among the prizes to be awarded.

“BMG is a music-industry leader in embracing new technologies to bring our artists and their fans closer together, and reach more music fans in a way that adds value to their music experience,”
said Kevin Conroy, senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, BMG Entertainment.
“Our participation with Microsoft in the Play Pack CD-ROM benefits our artists and also enables us to work with a leader in the technology industry to deliver compelling digital music.”

Windows 98 Second Edition, the Best Platform for Digital Entertainment

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition enables the latest and greatest in digital media entertainment through a variety of technologies. The operating system enhances users’ online experience with the addition of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 browser software. Moreover,
Windows 98 Second Edition includes the Windows Media Player to provide playback of high-quality digital audio and video files.

Windows 98 Second Edition offers a first step toward a truly networked home with the introduction of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). ICS is a set of advanced technologies that enables multiple computers to share a single connection to the Internet for simultaneous Internet access. In addition, consumers can more easily connect and use a wider range of devices, such as digital cameras, with Windows 98 Second Edition due to its enhanced support for technologies such as Universal Serial Bus (USB), IEEE 1394 and ACPI, as well as broadband network connections.

Windows 98 Second Edition extends the existing performance benefits of Windows 98, including faster application loading and shutdown, to offer faster rendering of Web-enabled folders and Windows Help as a result of the integrated Internet Explorer 5 technologies. Windows 98 Second Edition also includes the Windows 98 Service Pack, which addresses key issues in existing features, such as year 2000 updates.

Pricing and Availability

The Play Pack CD-ROM is available free with new retail acquisitions of Windows 98 Second Edition in most major computer retail outlets in the United States and Canada beginning Nov. 1, 1999, and ending Jan. 31, 2000, or while supplies last. The estimated retail price for Windows 98 Second Edition with the Play Pack CD-ROM for users of Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 is $109 (U.S.), the current estimated retail price of Windows 98.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software – any time, any place and on any device.

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