Microsoft Bridges Language Gap for Washington, D.C. Hispanic Community

WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 2, 1999 Until now, the lack of multilingual technology has made it difficult for Spanish-speaking doctors and nurses at La Clinica del Puebla to provide the most efficient health care possible to its patients. Staff members at the free clinic were unable to quickly proof records and treatment guidelines for the impoverished Hispanic residents they serve.

Thanks to donations from Microsoft’s Mid-Atlantic district and computer technology consulting firm Reliacom, L.L.C., doctors and nurses at the clinic will be able to cross language barriers and communicate more effectively with their patients. Reliacom has installed 40 donated copies of Microsoft Office 2000on La Clinica’s existing network. Office 2000’s rich multilingual features will enable doctors and nurses at the clinic to improve the quality and efficiency of communication at the clinic.

“At Microsoft, we are dedicated to bridging the digital divide that exists among people of different cultures,”
said Orlando Ayala, Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of the South Pacific & Americas Region.
“These new language features of Office 2000 are a step in the right direction.”

The multilingual features built into Office 2000 will enable La Clinica staff members to communicate in an effective, timely manner, freeing up more time for patient health care, said Juan Romagoza, La Clinica del Pueblo’s Executive Director. As a result, La Clinica will be able to maintain its reputation as a safe haven for Washington, D.C.-area Hispanics, and enter the 21st century with the technology needed to continue its success as an excellent health practitioner, Romagoza said.

La Clinica also received donations from Microsoft and Reliacom to revamp the clinic’s information network infrastructure, which was out of date and needed an overhaul. Reliacom, a Microsoft Solutions Provider, offered discounted computer support and Microsoft donated software through its employee-giving program.

“At La Clinica, we are dedicated to providing quality service for area Hispanics,”
Romagoza said.
“Thanks to Microsoft and Reliacom, we are able to continue to provide the best health care possible.”

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