Grant Extends Technology Access to Nevada Seniors

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 14, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today awarded The Nevada Elders on the Net (NEON) program nearly $25,000 in software in an effort to increase computer literacy among senior citizens. The donation brings to reality a long-term project lead by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) to ensure the senior citizens are not left behind in the in the digital age.

“Interestingly, the senior population can be a tremendous beneficiary of technology,” Reid said. “While the greatest percentage of seniors are interested in technology initially because it allows them to stay and touch with family and friends, what we are finding is the that internet can, and is, improving the quality of life for seniors.”

Reid told participants that technology is allowing seniors retain their independence because they can manage so many of their daily activities and needs on line. “From buying prescription drugs and groceries on line to banking — technology can be an amazing tool for seniors,” Reid said. “More importantly, as seniors become more proficient with the Internet, technology moves from being a tool for living to a catalyst for really changing their role in society.”

Reid told participants that technology has the potential to help our society to benefit from the tremendous expertise and experience the seniors have to offer. “We are seeing technology savvy seniors re-entering the workforce, engaging in community programs, and becoming even more formidable players in public policy debates. It is exciting to how technology can be a bridge for creating communities that are truly intergenerational — and when that happens, everyone wins,” he said.

Microsoft’s Southwest General Manager, Gary Willman applauded Senator Reid in the championing the lab. According to Willman, Microsoft welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Reid on this project. “It’s programs like NEON where we really get to see how our technology is changing and improving people’s lives. Whether this gives local seniors the tools they need to start a new career or just keep in touch with grandchildren — there is nothing more exciting than working with them as they learn about the power and potential of technology.”

NEON offers a myriad of computer training programs for seniors. The grant, which includes software for 24 stations, will be accessible to seniors throughout Clark County.

“The Digital Divide has left many seniors in America feeling left behind, and overwhelmed by the rapid rate at which technology evolves,” said Willman. “It is great to see how Senator Reid is committed to creating broader technology opportunities for older Americans wherever possible. Microsoft is pleased to help support facilities like the Nevada Elders on the Net that provide them with skills that help them participate in, and benefit from the information age.”

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