MSN’s New Political Pulse Channel Links People, Politics and Pundits

MSN’s New Political Pulse Channel Links People, Politics and Pundits.

REDMOND, Wash., January 25, 2000 —
“Mister Speakaaaaaaaa, the President of the United States!”

So says the Doorkeeper of the U.S. House of Representatives when the President enters the House chamber to make his annual State of the Union address to Congress and the nation. That hasn’t changed since Woodrow Wilson revived the tradition of appearing in person before Congress to deliver the annual message in 1913.

Other things about government have changed.

Now more than ever, the Internet plays a huge role in politics — in campaigning and in governing. From writing to a member of Congress to online voting to making campaign contributions, more and more people are using the Internet to more actively participate in our nation’s political system. Technology-savvy candidates are even using the Internet to reach out to young voters who are new to politics.

“There is no question that the Internet has changed the way representatives and candidates reach out to constituents and voters,”
said Representative Tom Davis (R-VA).
“Political Web sites are becoming as important as 30-second spots and campaign literature to political candidates. An online presence is essential to communicating with people — especially young people — who wish to make informed choices as they cast their ballots.”

“The Internet is an entirely new world for political offices,” agreed Senator Max Cleland (D-GA). “It is increasingly possible to reach individual voters through email, Web sites, and as we’re seeing now, live coverage of events like the State of the Union.”

Political Pulse Is a One Stop Shop for 24/7 Political Information

To make better online connections among people, politicians, and government, Microsoft has introduced MSN Political Pulse, an interactive politics channel that brings together the Web’s best political content and delivers comprehensive, original news and commentary. Political Pulse provides in-depth coverage and interactive services that help people stay informed and engaged throughout the election process.

“Part of Microsoft’s Everyday Web vision is about making it easy for people to get informed about politics and stay up-to-date during the election cycle,” said Deanna Sanford, lead product manager of MSN marketing. “MSN Political Pulse gives people convenient access to the critical information they need to make informed decisions about campaigns, politics, and the government.”

Viewers will be able to access MSN Political Pulse by visiting and clicking on
“Political Pulse”
in the News section.

Microsoft WebTV Networks to Broadcast Interactive State of the Union Address

Microsoft WebTV Networks continues its leadership in enabling consumers to get more out of TV by presenting the first live, interactive State of the Union Address on the WebTV Plus Interactive service. This first-ever event will enable American viewers to instantly learn more about the President’s policy initiatives and historical trivia, and give them the option to vote in polls-all with the simple click of the remote, while they watch the speech live. For more information on WebTV interactive coverage, visit

Complete coverage of the Republican response to the President’s address will also be provided, offering viewers a balanced perspective at the policies and initiatives that will impact the nation in the coming year.

MSN Political Pulse will offer chats after the State of the Union with several Members of Congress. Consumers can interact with the Members of Congress and discuss their reactions to the speech.

MSNBC, Power Political Pulse to Give People Access to a Wealth of Information

Political Pulse’s rich content will save consumers valuable time by bringing them top-notch analysis and fresh perspectives on today’s political events from, while MSNBC correspondents deliver
news from around the country. Additional content from Netivation’s will also provide comprehensive information for political professionals, as well as access to Minority News Daily, an extensive daily collection of minority news and media links. also offers a wide-ranging database of federal campaign contributions. MSN Political Pulse will also offer a forum where people can discuss issues, politics, government — with each other, with commentators, and even the candidates themselves.

“The impact of MSN’s Political Pulse will be powerful and far-reaching,” said Tony Paquin, president and CEO of “This delivery of and other political content represents the first time in history that political news, information and resources of such high caliber has been delivered to an Internet audience with the large national reach of”

Political Pulse is updated several times daily so that people can keep up with the nation’s first
presidential campaign. The new channel enables anyone to access polling information, look up their local representatives, find out whom their friends and neighbors are making political donations to, track candidates’ position papers and other statements, and link to a variety of political special interest Web sites. The site has enough political trivia to satisfy even the most hard-core political junkie with links to polls, pundits, political cartoons, and more.

“Political Pulse is one more enhancement to the MSN network of Internet services that make the Web a more interactive, useful, and efficient place to get important information,”
said Sanford.
“It will be the one place people can go to get everything they need to know about politics, the elections, and issues of the day.”

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