Stride Rite Deploys Windows 2000 to Maintain Competitive Edge

REDMOND, Wash., March 8, 2000 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that Stride Rite Corp., one of the leading marketers of high-quality footwear, has deployed the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system and replaced their Novell NetWare environment.

The result is a powerful, scalable network that operates more efficiently, a consistent and smoothly functioning client architecture that is more manageable and cost-effective, and a rapid-development environment for building line-of-business applications that take advantage of the Windows DNA 2000 architecture.

“Windows 2000 delivers great benefits to our business, including a major reduction in the number and cost of our server systems, a simplified and lower-cost client environment, and a flexible and scalable computing environment to support changing Stride Rite business needs,”
said Bob White, chief information officer of Stride Rite.

“This deployment of Windows 2000 is a demonstration of the value that the new platform brings to enterprise computing,”
said Keith White, director of Windows 2000 Marketing at Microsoft.
“We are excited to see Stride Rite transition itself into a Business Internet company quickly and easily with Windows 2000.”

Stride Rite’s business model relies on information technology to optimize relationships with suppliers, distributors and customers, reduce the time and cost of product development, and ensure manufacturing quality. Until recently, Stride Rite’s infrastructure was composed of Novell networking and legacy systems, and was piecemeal, tactical and cost-driven. However, Stride Rite could not reconcile the infrastructure with its strategic goals, so it chose to overhaul its infrastructure to remain a leader in a fiercely competitive market.

“A number of elements were key for this push,”
White said.
“We needed network services based on Internet standards, a reliable and manageable server architecture based on a single, stable software standard and a unified, easily supportable desktop and mobile-client environment. We also wanted an application environment that encourages better, faster, cheaper development and would help us capitalize on the potential of the Internet.”

“With such a diverse networking environment and a major change planned, Stride Rite relied on the Microsoft migration tools to help migrate from NetWare to Windows 2000. Getronics was called upon to oversee the migration planning and implementation process to Windows 2000,”
said June Wells, Microsoft practice manager at Getronics.
“With its strengths in both Microsoft and Novell networking environments, Getronics was a natural choice to handle the migration. Our global capabilities allowed us to deliver a standard set of services to all of Stride Rite’s domestic and international locations. We were excited to work in conjunction with Microsoft to deploy one of the first full worldwide Windows 2000 infrastructures.”

To address these needs, Stride Rite evaluated and chose Windows 2000, then worked with Microsoft Consulting Services and Microsoft global alliance partner Getronics on a deployment designed to minimize disruption to the business. As a result, Stride Rite deployed Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced Server on its back end and Windows 2000 Professional on its desktop and mobile clients. The standard tools such as Windows 2000 Terminal Services allow for easier administration of all locations as well.

Windows 2000 has delivered the following functionally to Stride Rite:

  • A network environment based on Internet standards and protocols that eliminates protocols such as IPX

  • A new file-and-print environment that combines high security with ease of use and replaces an aging and resource-intensive Novell environment

  • A unified architecture for desktop and mobile clients using Windows 2000 policy-based management

  • A replacement of legacy platforms and incompatible, hard-to-manage client systems

  • A Windows 2000-based application development environment that gives the company the ability to take advantage of Windows DNA 2000, an integrated architecture combining back-end systems, client systems, and applications that work seamlessly with each other and the Internet

Stride Rite’s migration required little end-user training or support. In addition, Stride Rite chose PowerQuest Corp. to assist in the migration to Windows 2000.

“Stride Rite’s successful experience reaffirms PowerQuest Drive Image Pro as an excellent tool for the rapid deployment of Windows 2000 Professional,”
said Craig Bushman, senior director of global marketing at PowerQuest.
“More and more companies like Stride Rite are realizing how quickly and efficiently they can deploy Windows 2000 Professional with Drive Image Pro and, in the process, dramatically reduce the cost per workstation to make this migration.”

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