MSN Continues Aggressive Spam Protection for 58 Million Hotmail Users With Customizable Inbox Protector

REDMOND, Wash., March 9, 2000 — MSN today unveiled the new Hotmail Inbox Protector, the most customizable and user-friendly bulk mail filter that puts users of the world’s largest e-mail service in more control of their Web experience. MSN also announced continued integration of communication services on the MSN TM network of Internet services, including updates to the MSN Hotmail® Web-based e-mail service, MSN Messenger Service and MSN Calendar. These enhancements bring consumers closer to experiencing the Everyday Web any time, anywhere and on any device.

“Unwanted e-mail is a major annoyance. It takes a toll on productivity, efficiency and basic enjoyment of the online experience,”
said Warren Wilson, industry analyst of Summit Strategies Group.
“MSN’s new Hotmail Inbox Protector addresses a problem that is frustrating tens of millions of people.”

The new Hotmail Inbox Protector automatically sends bulk e-mail to a special Bulk Mail folder and also gives people individual override control. Unlike other Internet e-mail services, Hotmail lets individual users choose which e-mails are delivered directly to their inbox and which are filtered into their Bulk Mail folder. This customization enables users to better manage messages they care about and is available in all seven languages Hotmail supports. The new Hotmail Alerts enable consumers to stay connected to important e-mail through integration with the MSN Mobile service. Users can set up filters for certain e-mail and then receive notifications directly on their mobile devices, such as pagers, cellular phones and handheld devices, when that mail arrives. Also making communication even easier for consumers, MSN Calendar is integrated with MSN Hotmail. MSN Calendar enables consumers to manage their calendars online from any computer with Internet access and is now easily accessible via a link on the Hotmail navigation bar.

“MSN takes the Everyday Web one step further by putting consumers in more control of their Web experience,”
said Yusuf Mehdi, director of marketing in Microsoft’s Consumer Group.
“MSN communications services provide a unique consumer offering that now includes even richer spam protection and e-mail alerts on mobile devices.”

In addition to the Inbox Protector and Alerts introduced in Hotmail, other MSN communications services also contribute to a more tightly integrated experience for consumers with new functionality and updates for the following:

  • MSN Calendar is a Web-based calendar that enables users to manage their schedules from any computer with Web access and invite friends and colleagues to meetings. Today, MSN Calendar can be accessed directly from Hotmail.

  • MSN Messenger Service enables instant messaging for users worldwide. The popular MSN service now includes support for the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system.

  • MSN Web Communities enable users to quickly and easily create highly customizable and secure Web sites where friends, family and other groups with similar interests can get together, communicate, and share photos and information online. Over 150,000 public communities have been created to date.

  • MSN Chat provides a great way to meet even more people online, with tens of thousands of people chatting every day. Recent chats included Bruce Willis, Britney Spears and Grammy winner Christina Aguilera.

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