Pocket PC: Changing the Way People Work and Play

REDMOND, Wash., Mar. 21, 2000 — Move over pencils, paper, and organizers: Microsoft and its partners are getting ready to launch the next generation handheld device — Pocket PC powered by Windows. On April 19, Microsoft and its partners will celebrate the launch and retail availability of Pocket PC in New York, with a same-day European launch event in London. Pocket PCs enable customers to do more than just organize phone numbers — they are designed to keep people in touch with their offices and their daily lives when away from their desks. These small yet powerful devices will redefine the handheld device.

There are a number of handheld devices on the market, but none are as versatile and useful as the Pocket PC. Personal digital assistants (PDA) — such as the PalmPilot — typically perform ordinary duties such as keeping track of appointments and telephone numbers. The Pocket PC is capable of much more, combining the best of Windows with the power of the Web and the simplicity of an appliance. The result enables customers to do more of what they really need to get done while away from their desks. Pocket PCs provide the most functional and rich calendars, address books and to-do lists available, and customers will be able to keep in touch with other important office applications, from e-mail and the Web to productivity tools. And this handy device fits right into a pocket.

“The Pocket PC enables you to make the most of time in a form factor that is small, compact and instantly available,
“says Phil Holden, group product manager for the Mobile Devices Division.”
It’s perfect for reading your email, editing some notes or scheduling a meeting. The Pocket PC fits into a purse, briefcase or backpack, so it’s very accessible and can be carried with you easily.

The Pocket PC Tour and “Microsoft Extreme”

In preparation for the availability of the new Pocket PCs, Microsoft, Casio, Compaq and HP will be touring the United States starting as early as April 6. The companies will preview the new Pocket PC to over 20 user groups. (The touring schedule is available at http://www.microsoft.com/pocketpc/tour/home.asp .) More information about the tour is available at “Microsoft Extreme,” an exclusive event broadcast live by satellite to 29 movie theaters across the states on April 8. These are just two of the many programs that Microsoft will be rolling out over the next few months.

Convenience and Versatility of the Pocket PC

Pocket PCs herald the next generation of truly personal computing. Pocket PCs will enable people to make the most of their time at work and after, keeping them entertained for five minutes or hours at a time. The Pocket PC is capable of playing music as well as downloading books to be read at leisure. Pocket PC’s high-resolution display screen and Microsoft’s innovative ClearType technology closely mimic the printed page with crisp and clear fonts.

The Pocket PC comes with industry-standard expansion slots that customers can use to extend storage and connectivity options. For example, the CompactFlash memory card — similar to a small floppy disk — can be inserted into the Pocket PC for over 300 additional megabytes of storage. In addition, this same expansion slot provides the ability to plug in a modem, a digital camera or any number of hardware devices, enabling customers to expand on what the Pocket PC can do.

While Microsoft has been busy working on the software, Microsoft’s hardware partners — including Casio, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Symbol — have been actively working on new hardware designs. Customers will have a choice of a range of new hardware designs with different options to meet customers’ varied needs.

Software features for the Pocket PC include:

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