Web Site Offers One-Stop Support for Microsoft’s Most Popular Holiday Products

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 12, 2000 — The holidays have come and the gifts have been exchanged. Your kids have just unwrapped their new ActiMates toy or hot new gaming title. Or your spouse has just discovered the new Windows Millennium Edition software you’ve purchased. Now comes the moment of dread: if there’s any difficulty installing or using the gift, how are you going to get the help you need to set things right?

Microsoft has created a special Support Web site to give home users an easy and convenient starting point for technical support for Microsoft’s most popular consumer products this holiday season, including a variety of games and CD-ROM titles, game controllers, and the Windows Millennium Edition operating system.

“The Support for the Holidays Web site is our gift to customers — a fast, easy way for customers to locate the special help they may need to get the maximum enjoyment from their Microsoft products as soon as they’re unwrapped,”
said Denise Rundle, General Manager of Global Support Automation at Microsoft.
“Most customers won’t need to visit the Holiday Support Web site, of course, but, for those who do, we hope the site will help keep the focus on fun for the holidays.”

The Support for the Holidays Web site includes:

  • Holiday Troubleshooters that walk customers through step-by-step diagnoses and solutions.

  • Highlights and FAQs that explain and resolve top issues.

  • Windows Millennium Edition tips and requirements to ease installation and use.

  • Support WebCasts, live and on-demand, hosted by Microsoft Support professionals who explain the latest product features in popular Microsoft products.

  • Access to Microsoft Support Professionals who are standing by to answer questions online or by phone.

The Microsoft Support for the Holidays Web site is located at http://support.microsoft.com/support/holiday/default.asp .

Holiday Hours for No-Charge Assisted Personal Support

In addition to the Holiday Support Web site, Microsoft offers no-charge assisted Personal Support for many popular consumer titles bought at retail this holiday season. Customers seeking assisted support from Microsoft may submit incidents via the Web at http://support.microsoft.com/directory/onlinesr.asp?sd=gn .

Customers who need help with pre-installed software, or when no-charge support is unavailable, can access charge-per-incident Personal Support at (800) 936-5700.

Year-Round Online Support Options

Throughout the year, Microsoft also assists consumers through Microsoft Online Support at http://www.microsoft.com/support. At this site, customers have access to a variety of resources including more than 150,000 Knowledge Base articles, free downloads, troubleshooters, and quick access to Support Professionals. This self-service resource is available to all Microsoft customers free of charge, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year (connect time charges may apply).

“Consumers around the world will be receiving Microsoft products over the holidays, and some of them may have questions,”
Rundle said.
“Consumers should feel confident that we have the answers for them at the Support for the Holidays Web site, where we’re doing everything possible to ensure it’s a very happy holiday for all of our home users.”

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