Microsoft India Development Center at the Heart of Microsoft. NET Development Efforts

Hyderabad, India, February 22, 2001 — Microsoft’s India Development Center today announced that it has been developing the recently announced JUMP to .NET (Java User Migration Path to Microsoft .NET). These are a set of independently developed tools and technologies that will enable Java programmers preserve, enhance and migrate their existing Java language projects onto the Microsoft® .NET Platform.

Microsoft India Development Center has an incredible team of technically strong people with immense product-development experience.

said Bill Gates, Microsoft’s Chairman and Chief Software Architect.

I am greatly impressed with the quality of their work on JUMP to .NET and other products, and look forward to their contributions to other key strategic projects.

By supporting multiple programming languages and providing seamless integration among different languages, the .NET Platform maximizes a scarce resource for every organization:

the skilled programmers

. The set of tools and technologies developed by the Microsoft India Development Center will enable Microsoft Visual J++

customers and other developers who use the Java language to take advantage of existing skills and code investments while fully exploiting the Microsoft platform today and into the future. With this initiative Java joins the other languages supported on the .NET platform.

Microsoft India Development Center

Windows Services for Unix

Add-on for Office XP;

Microsoft Operations Manager.

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