Microsoft TV Platform: A Full Menu of Options for Television Network Providers

Microsoft TV software and server technologies distribute and manage programming and other television content on cable, terrestrial and satellite television systems. Options include:

  • Microsoft TV Basic Digital software allows network providers to offer interactive television, electronic programming guides (EPGs), e-mail and other services on low-cost, digital set-top boxes.

  • Microsoft TV Advanced software operates more sophisticated set-top boxes and other devices, enabling digital video recording, the ability to pause live television, streaming media, telephony and advanced EPG — in addition to services offered by Microsoft TV Basic Digital software.

  • Microsoft TV Server provisions and delivers interactive services to set-top boxes and other devices running the Advanced software. Network providers also can target content and ads to customers, warehouse data and personalize services.

  • Microsoft TV Access Channel Server enables delivery of advanced content including electronic shopping, games, interactive television and e-mail through existing digital set-top boxes. It does so by offloading the processing of programming and content from the set-top box to servers operated by the network operator

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