Windows XP to Take the PC to New Heights

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 24, 2001 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the release of Microsoft® Windows® XP, the highly anticipated next major version of the Windows operating system, to computer manufacturers around the world. With development of the software now complete, Windows XP is on schedule for widespread availability on Oct. 25. Industry partners, computer manufacturers and customers greeted the news with excitement about the opportunities Windows XP will offer for creating, connecting and communicating in new ways.

“Simply put, Windows XP is the best operating system Microsoft has ever built,”
said Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect at Microsoft.
“The performance improvements and advanced features of Windows XP are the culmination of more than 15 years of research, development and customer feedback. For customers, computer manufacturers and industry partners, Windows XP truly underscores the excitement and potential of the digital decade ahead.”

Windows XP, the new Windows with a new look, builds on the momentum of the Internet and digital media with improvements that increase productivity and provide both business and home users with an easy-to-use and exciting PC experience. Windows XP extends the personal computing experience by uniting PCs, devices and services, and brings the solid foundation of Windows 2000 to home PC users, enhancing reliability, security and performance.

“Windows XP rocks!”
said Jim Allchin, group vice president of Windows at Microsoft.
“Windows XP is the PC experience both home and business users have been looking for with the reliability and stability they have always wanted as well as end-to-end experiences with digital photos, digital music and communication. This is the operating system I have always wanted to build.”

“At Siemens, we’ve been waiting a long time for an operating system like Windows XP and it’s finally here,”
said John Minnick, principle corporate IT at Siemens, one of Microsoft’s Global Account customers.
“We can now realize our global Any4 Vision — Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Resource. Whether your business deploys Windows XP Professional on a single computer or throughout a worldwide network like us, this new operating system is built on a common code base. That will lower the total cost of ownership. Windows XP is very feature rich for businesses. It’s amazing how much new capability has been added since Windows 2000.”

“I have helped many people begin to use a new system on their machines over the years, and this one is the tops,”
said Mark Ferguson, retired construction supervisor and Associate Expert for Windows XP ( ).
“The home user finally has the chance to experience Windows in the way business has for years — as a secure and reliable platform that will make the home computer a secure way to shop, play and learn. From automating the time sync on the clock to telling me when I need updates to protect my system, Windows XP ‘just works.'”

Microsoft is continuing to work with industry participants to ensure their readiness for the biggest Windows event in Microsoft history. Hardware and software manufacturers can enroll their products in the Windows Catalog and the Designed for Windows XP Logo Program ( ). With manufacturers’ products in the Windows Catalog and carrying the Designed for Windows XP logo, customers will be able to easily identify those products that will work great with Windows XP.

Microsoft is also continuing to work closely with PC manufacturers to ensure their most advanced hardware solutions will fully complement the new operating system. Customers can purchase a new
“Windows XP Ready PC”
today that meets the system requirements for Windows XP, allowing them to upgrade to Windows XP the day it ships. The complete list of Windows XP Ready PCs worldwide can be viewed online at .

In an event today on the Microsoft main campus, Bill Gates and Jim Allchin presented the final Windows XP
“gold code”
to representatives from six major PC manufacturers. Commemorative CDs containing the final Windows XP software were placed into six gold ZERO Halliburton P5 attach
cases, and the representatives immediately departed via helicopters to begin the final stages of incorporating the new operating system into their computer manufacturing systems.

Windows XP Home Edition and Professional

Windows XP unlocks the full potential of the personal computer and enables users to do amazing things with their PCs, such as acquire, organize and share their digital photos; have an all-in-one place to download, store and play back the highest-quality digital music; enjoy instant messaging, voice and video capabilities for communicating with friends and family; and make easy connections to enable sharing of computers and devices within a home or business.

Windows XP Home Edition is designed for individuals or families at home and includes experiences for digital media, home networking and communications. Windows XP Professional is the operating system of choice for businesses of all sizes and for people who demand the most out of their computing experience. Windows XP Professional adds remote access, security, performance, manageability and multilingual features to help users improve productivity and connectivity and work even smarter. Both editions of Windows XP will be available at retail in upgrade and standard versions.


Windows XP Home Edition will be available in an upgrade version for $99 ERP and in a standard version for $199. Windows XP Professional will be available in an upgrade version for $199 and in a standard version for $299.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software – any time, any place and on any device.

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Support for Windows XP

“Dell is delighted to have participated with Microsoft in the development of Windows XP as this milestone has been reached. We will begin our final testing of this product immediately, and we look forward to continuing our leadership in delivering the best computing experience with Dell systems and Windows XP.”

– Jim Totton
Vice President of Software
Client Product Group
Dell Computer Corp.

“Lan Plus/Northgate Computers is very pleased and excited about the release of Windows XP. As a longtime partner and ardent supporter of Microsoft products, we anticipate strong success with this new operating system bundled with our systems. Windows XP will be incorporated across all our product lines and brands, and we will actively promote its availability through our stable of customers. We are especially excited about the ease of functionality Windows XP will afford users of our brand new PC and entertainment all-in-one, the Integra.”

– Bob Anderson
Director of Business Development
Lan Plus Inc.

“This is an exciting day for anyone who uses a PC. We look forward to delivering systems with Windows XP to enhance the computing experience for our business and consumer customers. Gateway’s solutions will make it easier for customers to take advantage of the fastest-growing applications, such as digital video editing, photography and home office networking.”

– Michael Ritter
Vice President of Entertainment Productivity and Software Solutions
Gateway Inc.

“We believe the combination of Windows XP and Compaq’s PCs is going to transform our customers’ computing experience – whether they are at home, at work or on the road. We are anticipating one of our most significant holiday sales season ever as we deliver the highest-quality Windows XP computing experience for PC users.”

– Mike Larson
Senior Vice President
and General Manager
Access Business Group
Compaq Computer Corp.

“We are very excited about the increased usability features in Windows XP that will provide users with an enriched, stable computing environment. We are implementing the Remote Assistance feature of Windows XP in our Customer Care Call Center as a key tool that can significantly enhance the overall support experience for eMachines’ PC consumers and increase levels of customer satisfaction.”

– Bob Davidson
Senior Vice President of Product Marketing
eMachines Inc.

“Microsoft continues to push the envelope in software design, and Windows XP raises the bar another notch through the integration of a unique set of features and benefits geared to enhance the overall computing experience. Fujitsu is excited to offer Microsoft’s innovative operating system into its family of LifeBook notebooks.”

– Sara Nelson
Vice President of Marketing
Fujitsu PC Corp.

“With the completion of Windows XP, HP will provide consumers with even greater opportunities for enhancing their computing experiences, whether creating and managing their photos and movies or sharing them with family and friends from wherever they are, whenever they want.”

– Rob Wait
Home PC Business Manager
Consumer Business Organization
Hewlett-Packard Co.

“With this important milestone, Microsoft has paved the way for an enhanced user experience, which we expect to deliver with our ThinkPad notebooks and NetVista desktops. Our customers have been looking forward to the completion of Windows XP, and as we introduce more Windows XP-based products into the marketplace, we believe they will be impressed with what we have to offer.”

– Rick McGee
Vice President of
Worldwide Product Marketing
IBM Corp.

“Since the beginning of the Windows XP development phase, Microsoft and MicronPC have worked together to develop a solution that will provide customers with an enhanced computing experience. We look forward to bringing our customers all the benefits of Windows XP.”

– Paul Petersen
Vice President of
Product Marketing and Development

“The release of Windows XP represents a significant technological advancement for NEC Computers’ corporate customers. The added functionality and stability of Microsoft’s new operating system offer the perfect complement to NEC’s quality engineering.”

– Steve Boogar COO NEC Computers Inc.

“With the many added features of Windows XP Professional, it will be a clear choice for many customers to build their platform around a dependable business operating system such as Windows XP Professional. Systems such as our Strata 850 and Halyron SC that will be available preloaded with Windows XP Professional will make it very easy for users to maintain that consistent platform. Windows XP — whether through the sale of systems preloaded with Windows XP or through engagements to assist our customers in migrating their enterprise to the new operating system — will play a significant role in Omni Tech’s future.”

– Mike Seifert
Omni Tech Corp.

“Today’s release of Windows XP to Sony puts us one step further toward giving VAIO PC users the ultimate tools to ignite creativity. Our aim with VAIO PCs is to link digital video, imaging, audio and other multimedia devices with a killer hardware and software combination for an extraordinary PC experience. With Windows XP, we will have the operating system to intensify the joy of what can be done with a VAIO personal computer.”

– Mark Viken,
Senior Vice President
Information Technology Products Division
Sony Electronics

“As the first Windows XP-ready OEM, we have anticipated the arrival of Windows XP for sometime. With this new operating system loaded in our Systemax PCs, our customers will receive the ultimate user experience.”

– Richard Leeds
Chairman and CEO
Systemax Inc.

“Toshiba prides itself on being a technology leader with the ability to offer our customers the latest advancements in personal computing. We are extremely excited to deliver our customers the ultimate user experience with Windows XP as we move forward.”

– Steve Andler
Vice President of Marketing
Toshiba Computer Systems Group

“As a direct company focusing exclusively on portable computers, WinBook is pleased that we will be offering Windows XP on all our new WinBooks. Both Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home offer exceptional power, reliability, security and simplicity for mobile computer users.”

– Richard M. Mershad
WinBook Computer Corp.

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