Q&A: Pieter Knook to Lead New Mobile Device and Network Service Provider Division

REDMOND, Wash., March 3, 2002 — On Friday, Microsoft announced that its Network Service Provider (NSP) and Mobile Devices

PressPass: What is your specific responsibility in this new post?

Knook: I have responsibility for mobile device development, marketing and sales,

combined with my existing responsibilities leading the NSP group, with a continued strong linkage

with Orlando Ayalas Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Services Group. I also plan to work closely with the Windows CE group led by Todd Warren to ensure that the groups handling Windows CE, PocketPC and the Smartphones are well aligned in the overall Mobile Device and Network Service Provider Division strategy.

PressPass: What impact does this change have on Microsofts ongoing mobility efforts?

Knook: Mobile Devices is one of Microsofts seven key businesses, one which presents significant competitive challenges and opportunities. Microsoft has achieved success in hosting and has made strong investments in digital media for mobile devices. That said, Microsofts Mobility Division is embarking on strategies in the solutions area, as well as making significant investments in mobile devices that will provide customers with powerful, any-time any-place access to the information they need. The overlap with devices and carriers is where the next opportunity lies. From my experience working with network service providers, their market growth will come from more data-oriented devices versus voice-only, and the synergies between the NSP Group and Mobile Devices will help us realize our vision of making great software and services available for a broad range of service providers and mobile customers.

PressPass: What areas of your experience do you feel will be important for delivering on this vision?

Knook: My experience leading the NSP group and as president of Microsofts sales group in Asia provides a unique perspective for taking Microsofts vision of making great software available any time, any place and on any device to the next level.

I think my understanding of the challenges facing network services providers, and experience selling directly into enterprise customers, will help Microsoft achieve success with these key industries, which ultimately helps them and Microsoft meet customer needs.

PressPass: What are your priorities?

Knook: My priorities are three-fold: First: demonstrate our commitment to the roadmap we’ve set for the company around mobility by bringing the products to market that we intend to build so mobile customers can get the information they need any time, any place and on any device. Second: provide carriers with the software and services they need to commit to rolling out GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) and other next-generation infrastructure so data-oriented devices can shine, and demonstrate to customers the full features and value of next-generation mobile devices. Third: reinforce Microsoft’s ability to be a valuable partner by helping service providers overcome the challenges they face. The way to do that is

via adoption of

Microsoft software and devices that can help them drive additional revenue streams.

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