Microsoft Helps Keep Emergency Information Flowing 24×7 in Moscow

MOSCOW, May 29, 2002 — Using Microsoft-donated software and resources, the Moscow Rescue Service (MRS) has evolved an emergency information system, modeled on the familiar 911 emergency systems of U.S. cities, to serve the region surrounding the Russian capital.

Operators at the Moscow Rescue Service, aided by Microsoft technology, provide 24×7 emergency services to the Russian capital region.

The MRS processes as many as 20,000 messages each day and responds to up to 100 accident calls daily. The center involves about 50 partners and is linked to the Moscow telephone network, as well as regional cell, fiber-optic, trunk, and citizens-band radio providers. The system’s operators and dispatchers are housed in a Moscow information center that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff analyzes incoming information and assigns operation, emergency, and municipal services, as well as the centers own mobile urgent-response teams.

When the service recently planned an upgrade of its system but found insufficient budget, Microsoft stepped in with a donation of software and resources through its International Community Affairs program.

The upgrade of the information system based on Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office 2000, says Vladimir Berezkin, director of the MSR scientific and technical unit, will improve every operators work efficiency and improve overall reliability and productivity.

The MRS also has added staff and workstations since it became operational, increasing capacity by 30 percent.

We originally based our system on Microsoft technologies, which are optimal in terms of the price and quality ratio, says MRS Director Alexander Shabalov, and meet our requirements for setting up an uninterrupted 24/7 operation.

Gamid Kostoev, marketing manager for Microsoft Moscow, says that development of the MRS is just one example of the dramatic growth of technology in Russia.

Microsofts business in Russia is growing, which is linked to the technology markets growth in general and to the attention the Russian government devotes to the high-tech market, Kostoev says.

Microsoft Russia is a good corporate citizen and supports projects when it can, Kostoev adds. This is why we gave priority status to the MRS. Thanks to the MRS, thousands of our fellow citizens across the country receive prompt and high-quality service in an emergency.

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