Microsoft and Industry Partners Enable Personal E-Mail Solutions For Pocket PC and Smartphone Customers

REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 9, 2003 — Microsoft Corp. has teamed up with industry partners to bring a number of personal e-mail solutions to market for Microsoft® Windows®
Powered Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. The personal e-mail solutions will be available from Infowave Software Inc., Visto Corp., Commtag, ViAir Inc. and Spontaneous Technology via mobile operators later this year and will offer users instant access to company e-mail from their wirelessly enabled Pocket PC or Smartphone.

Built end to end on Microsoft technologies, the personal e-mail solutions enable any mobile worker to maximize his or her in-between time and access business-critical information. They give users mobile synchronization with their Microsoft Outlook®
or Exchange e-mail, calendar, and contact information behind company firewalls. Furthermore, the personal e-mail solutions can be installed by individual users. With a personal e-mail solution, users can send and receive e-mail from their Pocket PC or Smartphone at timed intervals or on command. Any changes users make on the mobile device will be kept in sync with their Outlook or Exchange server.

“The personal e-mail solutions from Infowave, Visto, Commtag, ViAir and Spontaneous Technology will offer a simple, fast way for Pocket PC and Smartphone users to access their desktop e-mail while away from the office,”
said Howard Gefen, director of mobile operator solutions development for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft.
“These solutions are a powerful example of the innovation happening on the Pocket PC and Smartphone platforms that takes full advantage of their power and flexibility.”

Personal E-Mail Solutions

These were solutions announced today:

  • Subscriptions to Symmetry Pro, the personal e-mail solution from Infowave, can be acquired for $12.95 (U.S.) per month. The software is available for a free 14-day trial and can be downloaded at

“Microsoft mobile device platforms, including Pocket PC and Smartphone, offer business users a rich, wireless data solution,”
said Thomas Koll, chairman of the board, at Infowave.
“Symmetry Pro is an easy-to-use, try-before-you-buy e-mail solution that allows mobile operators to deliver what their subscribers want: simple, instant wireless access to their most important corporate data. With Symmetry Pro, network operators improve their solution offerings, and mobile users have peace of mind knowing they are connected and in control no matter where they are.”

  • Visto MessageXpress provides another alternative for wireless access to corporate e-mail. The product is available for a free 30-day trial at and can be acquired via mobile operator partners later this year.

“As wireless infrastructure continues to mature, companies are looking for ways to incorporate smart devices such as the Pocket PC and Smartphone into the toolboxes of their mobile work force,”
said Brian Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO at Visto.
“Visto MessageXpress and these intelligent devices are a winning combination for individuals who need to keep the competitive edge in today’s business environment.”

  • Pocket PC users have the opportunity to experience Commtag’s Duality e-mail redirector solution now during a free 30-day trial. Customers are invited to find out more about the product and pricing by contacting Commtag at

“To ensure broad adoption of wireless solutions in the enterprise, users need to see that their data can be securely, easily and quickly moved where they need it, when they need it,”
said Geoffrey Baird, CEO of Commtag.
“The Pocket PC and Smartphone are powerful tools that, in combination with our Duality e-mail redirector solution, help deliver what our customers demand: simple, secure and easy access to their corporate data.”

  • ViAir’s WirelessInbox is simple to use and can be set up by most end users in fewer than five minutes, allowing them secure access to up to 10 e-mail accounts, corporate calendar, contacts and files behind company firewalls. WirelessInbox solution is available over GSM/GPRS, Mobitex, CDMA/1xRTT, TDMA and iDEN networks through numerous mobile operators throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Asia. Users who wish to subscribe to WirelessInbox should visit and click on their wireless service provider’s icon for details.

“As a leader in wireless e-mail solutions, we value our relationship with Microsoft and recognize the company’s significant role in the industry and its extensive reach with end users,”
said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of ViAir.
“Our WirelessInbox solution enables a Smartphone or Pocket PC to essentially become a real-time remote control for end users’ desktops, giving them synchronized access to their most important information at all times.”

  • AT & T Wireless’ Office Online, a ViAir personal e-mail solution that has been available since last summer, can be added to any of AT & T Wireless’ new data plans for just $2.99 per month. Additional details can be found at .

“AT & T Wireless’ Office Online service provides our customers with an easy and reliable way to access their corporate e-mail, calendar and contacts while on the move,”
said Valerie Kahn, senior vice president of enterprise offers for AT & T Wireless Mobile Multimedia Services.
“Simple enough to install without assistance from an IT department, Office Online is ideal for mobile professionals or small businesses looking to stay connected via virtually any wireless device, like a phone, Pocket PC or laptop.”

  • Spontaneous Technology’s sVPN delivers the entire Microsoft desktop experience to users’ Pocket PC powered devices. By spontaneously enabling the full, rich experience of ActiveSync®
    to the Pocket PC, enterprise users realize the same experience they enjoy with Pocket PC powered devices today — only without the cradle and wires. All synchronized information is available through sVPN, allowing Pocket PC users complete wireless access to their e-mail, as well as attachments and existing third-party applications. sVPN adheres to the most-rigorous enterprise security policies and extends them to the wireless device, providing users with a completely secure and robust answer to the need for mobile access to corporate data. More information on Spontaneous’ sVPN is available at and can be purchased via mobile operator partners later this year.

“We are excited to extend the ActiveSync technology experience to the ‘uncradled’ Pocket PC,”
said Jeff Lindauer, CEO of Spontaneous Technology.
“Delivering enterprise data spontaneously to the remote user is critical. Providing enterprise applications doesn’t have to be complex; it can be spontaneous. It’s that simple.”

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