Redefining The Mobile Internet Era: Introduction of Qtek Smartphone And Mobile Portal Service in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, May 27, 2003 — Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited, a subsidiary of Fortune Telecom Holdings Limited (HKSE: 8040), today announced the launch of Hong Kongs first Chinese Language Windows®
Powered Smartphone, the Qtek 7070, and its mobile Web Portal Service ( in Hong Kong.

The First Chinese Language Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone

Qtek 7070 is a new class of mobile phone that combines high-resolution color, speed and exciting applications such as full Web access, easy-to-use wireless e-mail and instant messaging, all on a small, stylish mobile handset. It gives customers the freedom to personalize their phone and add their own applications. Microsoft®
Windows Powered Smartphone is a revolutionary mobile phone software platform that allows for more than just talking on the phone. Smartphone software keeps people in touch and entertained with unparalleled features in small, stylish mobile phones.

Chinese language on the Qtek Smartphone is enabled by a Chinese language plug-in. It allows users to input and read both Big5 and GB Chinese text.

The Windows Powered Smartphone takes mobile communications to the next level by offering the following key features:

  • More than just talk. Above everything else, Microsoft Smartphone software is designed for a great phone experience. With handsets exhibiting a small, stylish form factor designed for one-handed operation, long battery life, hardware dial pad, and easy-to-use phone features such as caller ID, conference calling and more, the Qtek Windows Powered Smartphone is everything mobile phones should be and more. In addition, the Qtek Smartphone allows users to choose their preferred method of communication — voice, e-mail, SMS, MMS or MSN®
    Messenger — as well as enabling them to access information and services at any time.

  • Easily accessible Outlook. Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone software redefines the mobile phone experience and extends usage beyond voice and text. The intuitive software enables seamless multitasking and provides a great companion to Outlook®
    on a mobile phone to manage contacts, calendar and tasks in a mobile environment.

  • Personalization options. The Qtek Smartphone is equipped with high-resolution color screen and the ability to play digital media and mobile games. This makes them outstanding mobile devices for work or for play. Personalization options such as ring tones, color schemes and home screens, mobile access to the Internet, and new mobile services provide users with a unique and thoroughly entertaining mobile phone experience.

Ken Fong, CEO of Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited, said:
“With the Qtek 7070 Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone, we now are able to deliver a suite of advanced services well before the advent of third-generation networks. The Qtek 7070 is a key component of bringing these services to life and making them easier for our customers to access.”

Ken Wye Saw, general manager for Network Service Providers at Microsoft Asia Pacific, said:
“The launch of the Qtek 7070 is highly notable, as it signals the growing momentum the Smartphone Platform is receiving in Asia Pacific. Were excited about the combined launches of the phone and the portal that present a complementary service to each other.”

He added,
“Microsoft has spent the past 27 years creating software that improves the way people live, work and communicate. Now were able to deliver a familiar and powerful software experience on a mobile phone to people around the world. Smartphone redefines what people can expect from their phone, offering them voice, e-mail, MSN Messenger or Short Message Services (SMS). Were very excited that SMART is bringing the Smartphone to the Asia market.”

Announcing the Mobile Web Portal and the Concept of


Qtek 7070 Smartphone users will have an automatic subscription to, Synergys new Mobile Web portal developed specifically for Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone users. Smartphone users can navigate freely in the
Mobile Web Portal to browse and view the following:

  • MSN Hong Kong Smartphone Web site, which provides comprehensive infotainment

  • newspapers and magazines (with a three-month free subscription provided by Next Media)

  • Yellow Pages Directory Service Smartphone version (provided by PCCW Directories Ltd.)

  • SmartSpace portal service for users to back up contact and calendar information, share photos and more (provided by Magically Inc.)

  • Daily weather conditions (provided by the Hong Kong Observatory)

  • Real-time traffic conditions (provided by the Highway Department)

  • Daily SARS information (until SARS is eliminated from Hong Kong in the near future)

  • Ability to download software, ring tones, wallpaper and more over the air (OTA)

  • Other useful links

This service opens a new page in the Mobile Internet in which the users of Qtek Smartphone can browse their designated Web site via the
Concept. A user simply has to press any of the buttons numbered 1 to 9 on the Smartphone or use the joystick to open the
to their selected Web site.

Francis Fong, CTO of Synergy Technologies Asia Limited, said:
“Working closely with Microsoft, our manufacturer, High Tech Corporation (HTC); our partner operator, CSL; our Web service provider, Magically, Inc.; plus all our premium content partners including MSN Hong Kong, PCCW Directories Limited, and Next Media, we have overseen the project from the start to ensure that the Qtek 7070 has specific, simple functionality that our business and consumer customers require. And with the launch of our mobile Web Portal, we believe that the Concept of 9DOORS features would definitely drive data services and make information easier for the mobile customer to access and use. The Mobile Web Portal plus this 9DOORS concept will definitely redefine the Mobile Internet Era since the launching of WAP in 1999.”

Availability and Packaged Services

Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited will be the sole distributor of Qtek 7070 in Hong Kong. The suggested retailer price for the Qtek 7070 is HK$4,388, and it will be bundled with a suite of valuable software and services:

  • One 64MB Pretec Multimedia Card (MMC)

  • Smartphone utility software IA File Manager Pack (including IA File Manager, IA Task Manager and IA Space Maker)

  • Two Entertainment software applications, Interstellar Flame (3-D action game) and Hong Kong Mahjong

  • Free portal service

  • A three-month subscription to the Smartphone version of

  • A three-month subscription to SmartSpace, which enables users to back up and synchronize their contacts and calendar, share photos online and more

The Qtek 7070 Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone will be available in over 200 Hong Kong retail outlets including CSL (1O1O & One2Free), PCCW, Broadway, Citicall, Chung Yuen, and major telecom and computer stores starting May 30, 2003.

More information about the Qtek Smartphone can be found at .

Qtek 7070 Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone Specification

Hardware features of the Qtek Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone include these:

  • GSM/GPRS Triband 900/1800/1900 MHz

  • TI OMAP 710 120MHz

  • 2.2-inch 176×220 pixel, 65k color TFT reflective display

  • 16 MB RAM and 32 MB Flash ROM

  • Multimedia and SD memory

  • SDIO Support*

  • Stereo Headset

  • Integrated antenna

  • IrDA, RS 232, USB connectivity

  • T9 predictive input

  • Chinese Display and Input (Plug-in)

  • MMS

  • Snap-on digital camera (included in the package)

Windows Powered Smartphone includes these software features:

  • Pocket Outlook with Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Inbox (e-mail, voice mail, SMS)

  • Telephony including integrated phone dialing and profiles

  • Internet Explorer with scripting support, XML, HTML 3.2/WAP 1.2.1

  • ActiveSync®
    direct to server

  • Device configuration/management

  • Windows Media®

  • MSN Messenger

  • Games

About Synergy

Established in 1991, Synergy focused on developing as a leading IT company on mobile and wireless sectors in both Hong Kong and PRC. Synergy is amongst the first distributor of US Robotics and Megahertz communication equipment in HK since 1994. Now, consisting of three business units serving as product distribution, infrastructure development and software development, Synergy has the distribution rights for various world-famous brands including Acer, Proxim ORiNOCO, O2, Palm, Pretec, Socket, SONY, TDK, JVC and Netgear etc.

Synergy is also the first distributor of PDA in Asia Pacific since 1996; it extends and enriches the product range of PDA, PDA phone, Smartphone and related accessories, connectivity and software development products. Synergy has been the pioneer of deployment WLAN since 1998; joined with its business partners and resellers, Synergy successfully extended the 802.11b wireless infrastructure to most of the universities and education institutions in Hong Kong. Synergy also teamed with various famous Internet service providers to build WLAN-based Wireless ISP covering most of the hot spot areas including famous shopping malls, cafe shops and food outlets. Various exhibition and conference organizers have chosen Synergy as their official wireless Internet infrastructure architect and provider. Synergy is also the master distributor for the world leading ORiNOCO wireless networking products for the Greater China region. For more information, please go to

Fortune Telecom Holdings Limited

Fortune Telecom Holdings Limited was established by Mr. Steve Lau in 1992 and was listed on GEM on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on February 16, 2000. Being the leading mobile phone distributor in the PRC, the Group mainly distributes GSM and CDMA mobile phones. Long-term partners include Nokia, Kejian, Motorola, Hisense. For further information, please visit

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software — any time, any place and on any device.

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