Windows Mobile 5.0 Partner Quote Sheet, MEDC 2005

Updated: May 10, 2005

Microsoft® Windows Mobile (TM) 5.0 builds on the existing power and functionality of the platform, with enhancements that are based on partner requests such as including broader support for the customization of hardware and solutions, increased productivity, and integrated multimedia. Microsoft Corp. developed Windows Mobile 5.0 in close collaboration with industry leaders, including device-makers and independent software vendors. The following comments are from some of the companies that have worked with Microsoft to ensure a powerful mobile experience for their mutual customers.

Original Equipment Manufacturers


“HP and Microsoft have long worked together to address significant issues and opportunities within the mobile community. Throughout the years, the shared goal of enhancing customers’ mobile experience has always been a constant. HP has been a leader in creating a diverse range of mobile products and solutions across many industries. Microsoft is a highly collaborative partner, and with its new Windows Mobile 5.0 software platform we will be able to bring new form factors and a better overall experience to our customers.”

— Eric Kilponen, Director of Product Marketing, Handheld Division, HP


“The features in Windows Mobile 5.0 provide a powerful platform for Intermec to design products that increase the productivity of our customers’ mobile workers. No matter what the form factor, Windows Mobile provides a familiar, easy-to-use interface for the end user and a consistent environment that enterprise developers can use to create customized applications.”

— Mike Colwell, Vice President , Intermec Technologies Corp.


“Everyone — from the CEO’s office to the field sales force teams — wants a seamless experience with technology. Everyone wants a true mobile office experience. And Motorola has been working with partners like Microsoft to deliver just that. The creation of Windows Mobile 5.0 represents another major step forward in achieving our goals. It’s a forward-thinking software platform that will enable the development of even more innovative and flexible communication tools to help enterprise customers increase productivity and extend connectivity to mobile workers around the world.”

— Mark Shockley, Vice President, Seamless Mobility Solutions, Motorola Inc.

Mobile Operators


“Orange is looking forward to launching the new Windows Mobile platform across a range of attractive devices in 2005. The key benefits to customers and to Orange will be an enhanced phone experience, increased customization possibilities, as well as improved overall performance.”

— Florian Seiche, Director of Devices, Orange Group


“Windows Mobile 5.0 represents a significant update to the Windows Mobile software platform and helps us better address key areas such as multimedia and mobile business applications. The new software caps a successful collaboration between T-Mobile and Microsoft over the last few years, and we look forward to furthering this effort as we bring differentiated devices and services to our customers.”

— David Hytha, Executive Vice President, Terminal Management, T-Mobile International

Independent Service Vendors

Applied Data Systems

“The new Windows Mobile platform offers the possibility for new levels of enterprise integration. Now, with the API of Windows Mobile and CE 5.0 so closely coordinated, developers can build applications across Smartphones, PDAs and embedded, ubiquitous computing devices. The new Windows Mobile release sets the bar higher for more-secure mobile computing devices. As computing becomes ubiquitous, control of content becomes critical. Microsoft’s elegant implantation of DRM for media and IRM for documents offers new business opportunities based on mixed hardware, software, service and content models.”

— Robert Olsen, CEO, Applied Data Systems Inc.

Aton International

“Our team is really excited about Windows Mobile 5.0. The new and enhanced multimedia and managed Microsoft Office Outlook® features, coupled with Visual Studio® 2005, create an incredibly powerful software development environment. It will allow us to develop more exciting, user-friendly applications very rapidly for Windows Mobile-based devices.”

— Constance Kobylarz, CEO, Aton International Inc.

Good Technology

“GoodLink and GoodAccess bring a fully managed, security-enhanced wireless messaging and data access service to the powerful Windows Mobile 5.0 platform. Together, Good and Microsoft will enable more enterprises to meet the needs of their increasingly diverse mobile work force with greater flexibility and choice.”

— Danny Shader, CEO, Good Technology Inc.


“As a long-standing partner with Microsoft in the mobile and embedded marketplace, we are pleased to be able to have a unified code base and tool chain to work with in the deployment of Windows Mobile 5.0 and derivative products to successfully meet our customers’ needs.”

— Derek Spratt, CEO, Intrinsyc Software International Inc.


“We are pleased to see the launch of Windows Mobile 5.0 and the platform flexibility that it provides. PhatWare continues to develop software that will enhance the user’s experience, and the release of Windows Mobile 5.0 will drive our development team to create products that will better serve the Pocket PC user.”

— Stan Miasnikov, President, PhatWare Corp.

Socket Communications

“The mobile and embedded device industry represents a tremendous opportunity for software innovation. We see Windows Mobile 5.0 as a very powerful and exciting platform for building and deploying applications for the mobile knowledge worker. Socket is committed to supporting the developer community with innovative software, such as our Wi-Fi Companion and SocketScan applications, that will bring new value to customers and the mobile industry.”

— Peter Phillips, Vice President of Marketing, Socket Communications Inc.


“We are very excited to see the progression of Windows Mobile as Microsoft continues to extend it to become an integral player in the enterprise ecosystem. The functionality Microsoft has added allows us to deliver mission-critical mobile solutions into the hands of our customers.”

— Carl Rodrigues, Chief Technology Officer, SOTI Inc.


“We are delighted to announce the creation of the Competence Center for Windows Mobile 5.0 and look forward to offering a growing number of high-quality services and development support to Microsoft Windows Mobile customers and partners worldwide.”

— Tony Woolf, General Manager, Competence Center for Windows Mobile, Teleca AB

Trend Micro

“Trend Micro is pleased to augment our existing support for Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone and Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Phone Edition with support for upcoming devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. Today’s handheld devices have become mini-computers that inherit virus risks similar to other computers. As enterprises and mobile operators deploy devices utilizing Windows Mobile 5.0, security becomes a paramount concern. TMMS will be there to protect devices running Windows Mobile 5.0.”

— Raimund GenesPresident of European OperationsTrend Micro Inc.

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