New Microsoft Office Offerings Deliver Big Advances in Accounting and Business Management for Small Companies

REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 7, 2005 — Microsoft Corp. today announced general availability and promotional pricing for Microsoft®Office Small Business Accounting 2006 and Microsoft Office Small Business Management Edition 2006, two new Microsoft Office offerings designed to enable small businesses to manage all their sales, marketing and financial processes within the familiar, easy-to-use Office environment. With strong support from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), retailers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and service providers, these new solutions are evidence of the continuation of Microsoft’s commitment to delivering integrated solutions specifically developed to help small businesses start, grow and thrive.

“These solutions were built from the ground up to support the ways that small businesses actually work, and to be incredibly easy for employees to implement and use,” said Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect at Microsoft. “Together with our partners, we’re proud to deliver new innovations that enable small businesses to be more productive and profitable.”

Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 is a full-featured financial management software solution that is available as a stand-alone offering or as part of Office Small Business Management Edition 2006, which also includes Microsoft Office Outlook®2003 with Business Contact Manager Update, Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel®2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint®2003, Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 and Microsoft Office Access 2003.

Nearly 4,800 U.S. small businesses took part in the beta testing of Small Business Accounting and saw positive results in ease of use and integration. “First and foremost, Small Business Accounting 2006 and Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager are incredibly easy to use and have fundamentally improved how we manage our business by allowing us to integrate all our customer data in one view — including our financial history and interaction records,” said Chris Schatte, owner of Texoma Home and Garden. “More accurate bookkeeping also has contributed to better cash flow and higher profits. We have automated invoice creation, improved inventory management, streamlined billing of our services and increased visibility into the business — plus I can go home, on average, two hours earlier in the day.”

Customers and accountants have requested 50,000 trial copies of Small Business Accounting, making it one of the most anticipated Microsoft small-business solutions ever. In response to feedback from customers, accounting professionals and partners since the beta release, Microsoft also is providing new features for Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 that let users memorize frequently entered transactions and save them as templates for reuse, manage payroll manually using an integrated Excel solution, back up the company’s database to share with an accountant or other consultant, and create profit-and-loss statements by class or business segment.

Strong Relationships, Strong Solutions

Today’s release of the Microsoft Office Small Business Management Edition and Small Business Accounting is accompanied by a number of new and ongoing relationships. These new solutions will be widely available through reseller and retailer outlets, thanks to efforts under way with OEMs and retailers. New relationships with leading distributors and retailers include these:

  • Dell PCs loaded with Microsoft Office Small Business Management Edition. As the marquee OEM for Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006, Dell Inc. will offer the software preinstalled on selected Dell small-business computing systems, including Dimension desktops and Inspiron notebooks.

  • Well-known office channels to distribute Microsoft Office small-business solutions. Gateway Inc. will offer Office Small Business Management Edition 2006 on its new S-series of desktop and notebooks, available through Gateway direct at In addition, more than 65,000 value added resellers and system builders have received Office Small Business Accounting for distribution.

  • Leading retailers to distribute Office small-business solutions. Microsoft has entered into agreements with leading retailers including, Best Buy Company Inc., CompUSA Inc., Office Depot Inc., OfficeMax® Inc. and Staples Inc. to promote the new editions of Office Small Business Management and Small Business Accounting. As a result, the products will be distributed in over 5,000 U.S. retail outlets.

Microsoft Small Business Accounting has also seen strong momentum within the professional accounting community and among ISVs. More than 3,000 accountants have already signed up for the Microsoft Professional Accountants’ Network, a community designed specifically for accounting professionals to help them expand their business by supporting their critical role in helping small businesses meet their financial management needs. Microsoft is also working with ISVs to further extend the capabilities and benefits of these new Office products to address the industry- or process-specific needs of small-business customers. Currently more than 75 ISV applications have been designed to integrate with the new Office Small Business Accounting and are either available or in the final stages of development. In addition, more than 20,000 copies of the Software Development Kit for Office Small Business Accounting 2006 have been downloaded from the Microsoft Web site.

To further extend the capabilities of Small Business Accounting, Microsoft is joining with the following industry leaders to incorporate rich services to help small businesses automate critical business processes such as payroll, taxes, banking and credit-card processing:

  • ADP provides integrated payroll and tax processing services. ADP® Small Business Services (ADP Inc.) has delivered a do-it-yourself, low-cost solution for small businesses that seek full control over their payroll processing and tax filing. Specifically developed for Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006, this new ADP software solution is simple to set up and use, yet robust enough to calculate federal, state and local taxes. Users also have the option to upgrade to ADP Total Payroll, a full-service payroll processing solution. The software seamlessly integrates with Small Business Accounting, providing for quick and efficient completion of financial tasks, reducing the chance of errors and helping ensure compliance.

  • Credit-card processing is offered through select providers. Microsoft is collaborating with premier providers, including Chase Merchant Services LLC, to offer processing of credit and debit card payments from within the Office Small Business Accounting software. The credit-card processing capabilities can help small businesses increase revenue by accepting phone orders and reaching new customers who prefer to pay by credit card. Small businesses can reduce costs through preferred card-processing rates and the elimination of the need for a separate card-processing terminal or telephone line. The solution also helps save time and reduce data entry by capturing credit- and debit-card transactions directly within Office Small Business Accounting.

  • Digital Insight and CheckFree facilitate integration with financial institutions. Digital Insight Corp. is the leading online banking provider and CheckFree Corp. is the leading provider of electronic billing and payment processing services to financial institutions. Both companies have certified Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 for online banking using Direct Connect, the premier standard for online banking connectivity. This certification helps enable small-business clients at participating financial institutions to save time by downloading transactions and paying their bills electronically via Office Small Business Accounting 2006.

  • Compatible checks, forms and other supplies are offered by Deluxe Small Business Services. As the nation’s leading check printer, Deluxe offers small businesses compatible business checks, forms, envelopes and related printed products designed specifically for use with Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006. Links within the software help guide customers to a private-label Web site ( where they can easily order a comprehensive selection of Deluxe products in the formats and styles that best meet their needs.

  • Tax services with Thomson Creative Solutions and Thomson Creative Solutions, a provider of the broadest line of seamlessly integrated tax write-up software, plans to offer integration between its software and Small Business Accounting to enable accountants to import data from Small Business Accounting directly into Creative Solutions’ Write-Up CS program. is an online provider of tax software services that provide calculations, printing and e-filing. It has developed integration with Small Business Accounting that helps enable users to import Small Business Accounting data, and e-file directly with the IRS and state tax agencies. can be used by any small businesses, on a pay-per-return basis or as an e-services account for paid preparers.


Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 is available in the U.S. for an after-rebate price of $149 ($179 estimated retail price less $30 mail in rebate*). ADP Payroll for Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting is available for $169 per year. Microsoft Small Business Management Edition 2006 is available in the U.S for an after-rebate price of $569 and to existing Microsoft Office customers for an upgrade price of $399 (product estimated retail prices are $669 and $499, respectively, less $100 mail-in rebates*). Customers can go to to learn more.

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Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 Supporting Quotes

“Microsoft has massive reach for targeting small-business owners. Small Business Accounting can present many ‘win-win’ opportunities for participating ISVs and help grow the small-business accounting space.”

— Jon Forknell

Vice President and General Manager

Atlas Business Solutions Inc.

“The power of a POS that reports line item details directly into an accounting program gives strength and longevity to the Small Business Accounting user.”

— Janene Brunk

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Attitude POSitive

“The Small Business Accounting SDK was built from the ground up with the product. Its intuitive .NET framework allowed us to complete seamless integration with BillQuick ahead of schedule and under budget.”

— Shafat Qazi


BQE Software Inc., makers of BillQuick.

“The Microsoft ISV program for Small Business Accounting is a great value. The ISV team not only assisted us with development, but also provided help with training and marketing our integrated solution. Together, SBA and BillQuick provide a complete business management solution to the professional services market.”

— Will Breiholz

General Manager

BQE Software

“The dynamic link between Small Business Accounting and Excel plus its tight integration with Outlook are must-have features for every small business. Small Business Accounting provides a tremendous opportunity to ISVs.”

— Will Breiholz

General Manager

BQE Software Inc.

“I’m pleased with how hard Microsoft is thinking about how it can support us in growing our business. In particular, I’m very excited about the marketing opportunities and the customer reach we will experience when we launch solutions using Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting.”

— Will Breiholz

General Manager

BQE Software Inc.

“We believe that Microsoft Small Business Accounting offers an incredible solution for small-business accounting that’s powerful and easy to use. That is why we designed ESC Small Business Service and Scheduling to work exclusively with Microsoft Small Business Accounting. ESC adopts the look and feel of Microsoft Small Business Accounting, giving the user the most seamless experience possible.”

— Thomas Fanelli

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Coastal Computer Corp.

“Building an integrated .NET-based solution creates a complete solution for construction users. It’s exciting to partner with the premier brand in the construction vertical.”

— Norman Wendl


Corecon Technologies Inc.

“Leveraging our years of experience in BI, we can provide all the capabilities of a sophisticated OLAP solution in an easy-to-use, dedicated Small Business Accounting application priced for the small-business market.”

— Lanny Hernandez



“Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 meets the needs of small-business customers by providing the right combination of functionality and ease of use to support the way that small businesses work. As a leading provider of computer systems for small business, Dell is pleased to add Small Business Accounting 2006 to our portfolio of small-business solutions.”

— Frank Muehleman

Vice President and General Manager

U.S. Small and Medium Business segment

Dell Inc.

“The Mail Order Manager and Small Business Accounting integration offers customers a complete, user-friendly solution to run their entire multichannel sales organization. And, since Microsoft is a name that our clients know and trust, the upfront development investment we’ve made is certain to generate returns in sales and marketing.”

— Robert Coon


Dydacomp Development Corp.

“Manufacturing companies can now afford ERP software to manage inventory and orders. ERPlite offers customizable MRP software integrated with Microsoft Small Business Accounting, which tracks inventory and serial/lot numbers, provides early shortages warnings, helps eliminate double data entry, schedules production and automates the creation of needed purchase and work orders, calculates actual cost of goods sold, and helps delight customers with on-time shipments.”

— John Augustus

President Inc.

“With a deep expertise in business credit reporting, Experian is able to provide Microsoft’s Small Business Accounting customers with access to a database of more than 18 million private and publicly traded companies. Our SmartBusinessReports are a valuable resource for small-business owners to build successful relationships and solve the challenges they face when acquiring new customers, extending additional credit to existing customers or partnering with vendors.”

— Mark Zablan

President, Business Information Solutions


“Small manufacturers can now gain extensive manufacturing capability at an affordable price with the introduction of Horizons Small Business Manufacturing (SBM) for Microsoft Small Business Accounting. With this seamlessly integrated manufacturing and accounting application, labor and material costs can be captured from production and reflected throughout the entire accounting system when posted. This complete system gives small manufacturers the opportunity to gain feature-rich, extensive manufacturing solutions in an easy-to-use, fully integrated cost accounting system.”

— Peter Wall

Chief Executive Officer

Horizons International Inc.

“MISys Small Business Manufacturing (SBM) is a .NET-developed manufacturing system that works by tracking the manufacturing activities and preparing journal entries that update the financials in Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting. MISys SBM, combined with Microsoft Small Business Accounting, is designed for the manufacturers with fewer than 50 employees that constitute 20 percent of the customers who buy off-the-shelf accounting software.”

— Dave Brown

Vice President of Marketing

MISys Inc.

“Our experience shows us that small businesses want to do marketing but don’t have the resources or discipline to make it happen. pinpoint Marketing tool, built on top of Small Business Accounting, solves this problem!”

— Lon Orenstein



“The combination of Microsoft Small Business Accounting and is one of the first complete small-business accounting and business income tax e-file solutions for corporations using forms 1120 and 1120S, and for partnerships using Form 1065, including K-1s. Microsoft Small Business Accounting allows you to manage your accounting, export your 1099 data and income tax information, and then go to to prepare and e-file your tax return and make online tax payments.”

— Mickey Macedo

Vice President

“Offering our check-imaging and remote deposit solution with Microsoft Small Business Accounting delivers a powerful payment package to small business.”

— Rick Semin

Chief Executive Officer
Vault Software LLC

“We have taken apart most major accounting software to do integration with, and this is the most exciting software that has been created in the past five years.”

— Dan Banning


Marketing & Media Communications

WinEstimator Inc.

“By launching Small Business Accounting 2006, Microsoft is going to revolutionize the market for accounting solutions. The product is capturing the best from all Microsoft products and technologies. It holds all the experience from MBS, is perfectly integrated into the Office family and provides an easy .NET development platform for add-ons like our WPA Mobile solution. We strongly believe in the global potential for Small Business Accounting.”

— Jens Davidsen


WPA Mobile

“With this release, Microsoft clearly demonstrates that it understands the needs of small businesses. Microsoft Small Business Accounting is exactly what small businesses need: easy to install, easy to use and the right functionality — not too little, not too much. It is obvious that Microsoft has been laser-focused on this target market.”

— Rafael Zimberoff


Z-Firm LLC

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