Updated: Statement from Microsoft Concerning Superior Court’s Preliminary Injunction Order in Case of Google and Kai-Fu Lee

Editors’ note, Sept. 13, 2005:
This statement has been updated since its original release earlier today.

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 13, 2005 – Microsoft issued the following statement regarding the Preliminary Injunction Order issued today by the Superior Court of the State of Washington:

We are pleased with our victory in court today. The court entered an injunction that restricts the work Dr. Lee can do for Google, preventing him from working on speech, natural language and search technologies, as well as setting the overall research and development course for Google China. Today’s injunction is broader than the Temporary Restraining Order, which was granted to Microsoft in July, and imposes further restrictions on Dr. Lee’s activities in China. The injunction restricts Dr. Lee to limited interviewing and site location activities.

Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith added, “We can settle this lawsuit tomorrow if Google will agree to take today’s preliminary injunction, keep every word without a single change, and enter it as a permanent injunction that will last until July 18, 2006. We can avoid a trial, forgo paying outside lawyers, and get back to competing in the marketplace. We are very pleased with today’s order, and we’re prepared to back up our words with concrete deeds if Google will do the same.”

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