Customer and Partner Quote Sheet

VSLive! San Francisco 2007

“I think it is so interesting how dependant we have become on ‘the tool’….and that is because ‘the tool’ is so damn good. Congratulations to all the Microsoft folks involved in the 10-year anniversary of Visual Studio. Those of us with grey hair remember how difficult it was to build software before Visual Studio. Now, I have ‘kids’ that work for me that could not even fathom life without IntelliSense. 

“InterKnowlogy owes the Visual Studio team big time. We bet the company on .NET in 2001 – seems like a really smart bet in hindsight. We owe a great amount of our success to Visual Studio; which has made our lives of building great software so much easier.”

Tim Huckaby, CEO, InterKnowlogy

“Visual Studio, as we know it today, brings together the productivity of Visual Basic with the power and flexibility of the original C++ IDE, sprinkled with powerful capabilities for web development, working with databases, testing and more. The fact that Visual Studio provides almost everything a developer needs to be productive, all rolled into a single environment, makes developing .NET applications a true joy! “

Rockford Lhotka, Principal Technology Evangelist, Magenic Technologies

“Over the last 10 years, Visual Studio has grown from a marketing collection of development tools to a fully integrated, development lifecycle management tool.  By combining the core development and compiler functionality with integrated tools like source code management, testing support, code analysis, system design and verification and database systems management, Visual Studio gives my development team the ability to design, code, test, build and deliver a solution from a consistent, easy to use and – most importantly – cost effective environment.  Building complex, enterprise solutions requires a development platform with these features, but without Visual Studio it would have been cost prohibitive to cobble together (and pay for) the myriad tools from different vendors and to invest our developers’ time in building out a platform with the richness provided out of the box with Visual Studio.”

Tim Landgrave, President, eAdvantage, Inc.

“Vertigo Software is also celebrating its ten-year anniversary along with the Visual Studio team. Visual Studio is at the center of everything we do: we couldn’t have built our business without it. We’re proud to have grown up next to this fantastic product. Congratulations Microsoft!”

Scott Stanfield, CEO, Vertigo Software

“For nearly 20 years, ComponentOne products have worked together with Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Studio to deliver the most advanced development tools to professional developers worldwide.  From the early days of Visual Basic, to the emerging technologies like WPF and ASP.NET AJAX, ComponentOne’s Studio Enterprise components have leveraged the many forward thinking and innovative Visual Studio product releases. Not only has Microsoft aggressively and strategically launched versions of Visual Studio, but each time has included more and more powerful components and technologies, pushing the limits of application development.  This innovation has allowed ComponentOne to embrace the technology Microsoft delivers and develop a strategy to extend it, enhancing our own product line to empower developers with the most comprehensive suite of Visual components available anywhere, Studio Enterprise.”

Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Managing Director of ComponentOne

“Congratulations to Visual Studio for reaching this 10th year milestone. LEAD Technologies is happy to have been a partner with Microsoft for over 10 years and we look forward to continuing this very successful relationship.” 

Rich Little, President, LEAD Technologies

“After creating and leading the development of Formula One ActiveX, Formula One for Java and SpreadsheetGear for .NET I have no doubt that Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework have provided significant improvements in performance, reliability, scalability and productivity over native C++, VB6 and the Java platform. Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework combine the best features of these older development platforms with a fantastic IDE and great debugging capabilities. With SpreadsheetGear for .NET we have been able to raise the bar for Excel Report Generation, Excel Compatible Calculations and Windows Forms Spreadsheet Controls. At the same time, SpreadsheetGear for .NET is easier for our customers to use thanks to the ability to extend Visual Studio’s Form Designers, IntelliSense and Dynamic Help.”

Joe Erickson, Founder and CEO, SpreadsheetGear LLC

“Dart has supported the Microsoft platform with world-class components for software developers since 1994. We’ve been proud to provide developers with libraries, ActiveX controls, and .NET components and controls that provide complicated application functionality with “drop in” ease. The Visual Studio environment has provided developers with unprecedented productivity boosts since its inception and Dart is pleased to be a part of the supporting technology community.”

Michael Baldwin, President,

“CA’s business partnership with Microsoft has been a long and fruitful one. In the case of Visual Studio, Microsoft created a development environment that has been popular enough and open enough for us to address with tightly integrated solutions that address key customer requirements such as change management, business rules implementation and cross-platform modeling.  Most recently, CA announced it will integrate its AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler with Visual Studio for Database Professionals. This will allows us to further deliver on our vision for Enterprise IT Management by unifying and simplifying the way IT organizations design and deliver business-critical applications.”

Scott Kane, SVP Product Development, CA

“The integration of Crystal Reports from Business Objects within Visual Studio for the past 10 years has enabled thousands of companies to more easily expand the use of business intelligence within their organization. Being part of Visual Studio has influenced a large number of developers and partners to use Crystal Reports, and also helped us build it into the most well know reporting brand around.”

Gordon Breese, Vice President of Global Alliances, Business Objects

“Macrovision’s InstallShield for Microsoft’s Visual Studio has received continual recognition as Visual Studio Magazine’s Readers’ Choice for best installation, set-up and deployment tool. Our fully integrated Visual Studio product provides publishers with high quality setup tools for the Windows platform. We are proud to be a premier partner in Microsoft’s Visual Studio Industry Partner program since its inception.”

Corey Ferengul, Senior Vice President, Product and Solutions Management, Macrovision

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