Quote Sheet: Microsoft Interoperability Principles

February 2008

On Feb. 21, 2008, Microsoft Corp. announced a set of broad-reaching changes to its technology and business practices that will increase the openness of its products and drive greater interoperability, opportunity and choice across the IT community of developers, partners, customers and competitors.

Below is a sample of comments from a broad range of interested parties, discussing the positive impact these changes will have on the IT ecosystem:

“The principles and actions announced today by Microsoft are a very significant expansion of its efforts to promote interoperability. While Microsoft has made considerable progress on interoperability over the past several years, including working with us on the Interoperability Executive Customer Council, today’s news takes Microsoft’s interoperability commitment to a whole new level.”

  • Manfred Wangler
    Vice President, Corporate Research and Technology, Software and Engineering

“The interoperability principles and actions announced today by Microsoft will benefit the broader IT community. Ensuring open connections to Microsoft’s high-volume products presents significant opportunities for the vast majority of software developers, which will help foster greater interoperability, opportunity and choice in the marketplace. We look forward to a constructive, structured and multilateral dialogue to ensure stakeholder-driven evolution of these principles and actions.”

  • Thomas Vogel
    Head of Information Management
    Novartis Pharma Corp.

“The importance of this effort by Microsoft to promote interoperability with its most popular products in the enterprise should not be underestimated. Driving interoperability through the implementation of this set of principles is a best practice for the IT industry that will provide greater opportunity and choice.”

  • David O’Berry
    Director of Information Technology Systems and Services
    South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services

Below is a sample of comments from current Microsoft Communication Protocol Programs licensees discussing their experience with Microsoft Support and the Microsoft Communication Protocol Programs:

“ONStor has reaped tremendous benefits by being a member of Microsoft Communication Protocol Program (MCPP). With access to an extensive library of Microsoft protocols and close cooperation with Microsoft experts, ONStor has been able to accelerate the development of clustered NAS solutions and dramatically shorten time-to-market.”

  • Narayan Venkat
    Vice President of Marketing
    ONStor Inc.

“Our relationship with Microsoft has broadened the available market for our digital video solutions. Today many organizations are looking to implement live and on-demand video systems to reduce costs, increase productivity and communicate more effectively. Windows Media-based systems offer a high-quality video solution to these organizations.”

  • Bruce Webber
    Vice President of Engineering
    VBrick Systems Inc.

“We have been very satisfied with Microsoft support related to the Microsoft Communication Protocol Program. All groups have been proactive — whether it is account management or helping us whenever there have been any issues related to access of documentation.”

  • Rohit Toshniwal
    Research Manager
    Blue Lane Technologies Inc.

“Microsoft has been responsive to questions and comments, and from our perspective, Microsoft has done an effective job with the documentation. Egenera is satisfied with the completeness of the Microsoft Communication Protocol Program documentation and with Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve the documentation.”

  • Rick Jones
    Principal Software Engineer
    Egenera Inc.

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