Microsoft and Novell Two-Year Anniversary

Customer Quotes

“Alticor is pleased to announce that it has acquired certain Novell services from Microsoft via their interoperability and IP agreement. This multiyear agreement will enhance our ability to provide IT services to our companies at an affordable price while providing the support needed to take our business to a higher operating level.”

Jim Mesack

Manager of IT Technical Support

Alticor Inc.

Ada, Mich.

“In our opinion, the Microsoft and Novell collaboration offers a very advantageous range of benefits for customers that are considering a migration to Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We would like very much to hear from customers in the U.K. that wish to discuss such opportunities in more detail, since we can offer a full range of architectural design, planning and deployment services, with access to cost-effective support subscriptions, to facilitate such migrations. Only the Microsoft and Novell agreement offers such an extensive set of interoperability benefits within this industry, specifically tailored to customers wanting cost-effective virtualization and systems management solutions across a datacenter running Windows Server 2008 and a single, optimized Linux distribution.”

Paul Sweeney

General Manager


Manchester, United Kingdom

“Interoperability between Windows Server and Linux has been a primary infrastructure challenge for large enterprises such as ours. We are quite pleased that Novell and Microsoft are now able to provide us with the technical integration solutions and road map for interoperability that we require in order to have a dynamic infrastructure. Our experience is that Novell’s support services are best-in-class among Linux distributors. Of course Microsoft is an essential technology vendor in our infrastructure, and the interoperability benefit is driving our thinking on standardizing our Linux on a single distribution that is best optimized to work with Windows Server. The added plus of intellectual property peace of mind from Microsoft and Novell assures us that we are making a good decision for our company.”

George Bellamy

Head of IT-Operations

Arcor AG & Co. KG

Eschborn, Germany

“While uncertainty hangs over the world’s financial markets, we remain focused on our mission to make markets better. And as one of the fastest-growing, top-tier equity markets, we find value in the Microsoft and Novell collaboration.”

Chris Isaacson

Chief Operating Officer

BATS Exchange, Inc.

Lenexa, Kansas

“We are fortunate to be able to cooperate with two great companies in Novell and Microsoft. Switching from unsupported Linux to Novell SUSE Linux helps us manage our mixed-source environments.”

A company spokesman

China Mobile Ltd.

Hong Kong

“As a partner of both Microsoft and Novell, we have the unique opportunity to help our commercial customers’ increasing need to address interoperability challenges between Windows Server and Linux. The technical integration solutions and road map for interoperability is helping us to deliver leading dynamic infrastructure solutions to our customers. Novell’s support services are really first-rate among Linux distributors, and, combined with the interoperability advantages with Microsoft, we are glad to recommend this combined solution to our customers with heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Moreover, the intellectual property peace of mind from Microsoft and Novell makes this a sound decision for both us as a partner and our customers. Only Novell and Microsoft deliver such a comprehensive mixed-source platform solution.”

Reiner Louis

Managing Director, Portfolio Leadership

Computacenter AG & Co.

Düsseldorf, Germany

“At Dundee City Council, we have recently completed a technical and commercial review of the main Linux distributions. We felt that Novell SUSE Linux was the best server distribution for our environment, while the Microsoft and Novell agreement offered the best strategic direction and commercial benefits. The level of collaboration between Microsoft and Novell is an example that we would like to see more suppliers follow in the industry. We are committed to using the best tools for the job in hand, and agreements such as this are a major vindication of our strategy. We would also encourage, as it would clearly be in our own interest to do so, other central, regional and government customers in the U.K. that are planning to standardize on Windows and Linux as a part of a dual server platform strategy to engage with the Microsoft and Novell agreement and secure all the vast range of benefits on offer.”

Tim Simpson

IT Support Manager

Dundee City Council

Dundee, United Kingdom

“Fujitsu Services Ltd., in its engagement to provide strategic and operational IT services to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), is required to deliver business-critical solutions from a complex, heterogeneous IT environment. The ability to leverage the interoperability benefits arising from the agreement between Microsoft and Novell will help us increase value while also reducing unnecessary future expenditure. Microsoft and Novell are making investments to build bridges between proprietary and open source software that will simplify our future infrastructure development and systems management strategy. This agreement between Microsoft and Novell provides a technical and business solution, as well as intellectual property assurance, that allows us to focus our efforts on delivering valuable services to HMRC.”

Chris Frost

CTO for the HMRC Account

Fujitsu Services Ltd.


“Fujitsu Services Oy continues to support the Microsoft and Novell relationship in Finland, as many of our very best customers choose Novell SUSE Linux as the distribution of choice. In our opinion, the Microsoft and Novell agreement offers levels of technical, commercial and business collaboration unavailable from any other suppliers in the industry. We expect that many more customers adopting a dual platform server strategy, based on Windows and Linux, will continue to engage with Fujitsu Services to gain the vast number of benefits available through the Microsoft and Novell agreement.”

Tuomas Levoniemi

Development Manager

Fujitsu Services Oy

Helsinki, Finland

“The support we receive from Microsoft and Novell helps to alleviate IT integration challenges. The interoperability and IP peace of mind supplied by Novell and Microsoft is of great value and consequence. That is something that other Linux vendors were just not able to provide.”

Mr. Leung

Director of Infrastructure Services

Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Hong Kong

“At ITV we are increasingly standardizing on both Microsoft Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as the key components of our enterprise server strategy. We did not want to get into a situation where we had a huge variety of different Linux distributions installed as we wanted to minimize our Linux operational risks and costs by standardizing on just one widely supported distribution. The Microsoft and Novell agreement means we can now concentrate on Microsoft Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server across our enterprise and have greater assurance that these platforms will be optimized to interoperate with each other, particularly in respect of virtualization. The additional intellectual property warranties provided by the agreement are a bonus and contribute to the effective positioning of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as an enterprise class Linux distribution. The recent extension of the agreement shows this was not a one-off transaction but is part of a longer-term arrangement between both Microsoft and Novell. Long may it continue, as it is setting the new benchmark in the technology industry that other suppliers must now work to meet.”

Nick Leake

Director of Operations and Infrastructure



“Government customers come to us as a partner of both Microsoft and Novell with their desire to tackle interoperability challenges between Windows Server and Linux. Having a road map for interoperability as well as actual solutions at hand enables us to bring added value to these public-sector customers today and in the future. We are confident in recommending Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server along with Windows Server, as Novell’s support services are top-notch among Linux distributors. The added component of the intellectual property peace of mind given by the Novell and Microsoft agreement assures us as a partner and is vital to our customers.”

Gerhard Lindemann

Vice President, Professional Services & Consulting

PC-Ware Information Technologies AG

Leipzig, Germany

“PC-Ware is working with both Microsoft and Novell in Norway to deliver wins for the collaboration. We believe that this collaboration will produce tangible benefits to every customer that is considering a dual-platform strategy based on Microsoft Windows Server and a single, widely available Linux server distribution. In our opinion, Novell SUSE Linux is the logical distribution of choice for existing Windows customers that want both optimized virtualization solutions and extended systems management capabilities now and in the future.”

Geir Christensen

General Manager

PC-Ware Norway AS

Oslo, Norway

“The cooperation between Microsoft and Novell to deliver expanded support for SUSE Linux Enterprise users is a breath of fresh air. The ability to transition from other Linux deployments, including Red Hat, while redeeming subscription certificates purchased from Microsoft for Novell’s Expanded Support, is remarkable — something you can’t get anywhere else. This is exactly what our customers have told us they are looking for to help make the transition from other forms of Linux to Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.”

Joe Szalkiewicz

Western Region Vice President

The Pinnacle Group

Lawrence, Kansas

“We are pleased to have this latest offering by Novell and Microsoft available for our customers. As a Novell Gold Reseller and Microsoft Certified Partner, we have a fantastic relationship with both companies. It’s great to see Microsoft and Novell collaborating to tackle the interoperability challenges facing mixed-source environments. Their joint efforts provide a strong competitive advantage over others in the marketplace.”

Patrick Hart

Director of Software

Software House International

Piscataway, N.J.

Partial Customer List

  • Academy Ltd. [Katy, Texas]

  • Arvest Bank [Lowell, Ark.]

  • Austin Energy [Austin, Texas]

  • American Family Mutual Insurance Co. [Madison, Wis.]

  • BP Oil International Ltd. [London]

  • City of Seattle [Seattle]

  • Coremetrics [San Mateo, Calif.]

  • County of Riverside, Department of Public Social Services [Riverside, Calif.]

  • CronoExpress S.R.L. [Madrid, Spain]

  • First Data Corp. [Greenwood Village, Colo.]

  • InfoSpace Inc. [Bellevue, Wash.]

  • Landmark Digital, LLC [Nashville, Tenn.]

  • Los Angeles Police Department, Information Technology Division [Los Angeles]

  • The Men’s Wearhouse Inc. [Houston]

  • Red Bee Media Ltd. [London]

  • State of California, Department of Justice [Sacramento, Calif.]

  • State of Montana, Department of Labor and Industry [Helena, Mont.]

  • State of New Mexico, Children, Youth and Families Department [Santa Fe, N.M.]

  • State of Utah, Department of Technology Services [Salt Lake City]

  • Synopsys Inc. [Mountain View, Calif.]

  • Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona [Barcelona, Spain]

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